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Arena World Championship Qualification 2017[edit]

Regional Championships[edit]


From the European Regional Championship, Methodlogo std.png Method Triforce, WoWlogo std.png ABC, WoWlogo std.png Emo and WoWlogo std.png Grmbl will advance to the Arena World Championship at BlizzCon.

North America[edit]

From the North American Regional Championship, Methodlogo std.png Method Synergy, PandaGlobalGaming std.png Panda Global, Splycelogo std.png Splyce and WoWlogo std.png Sneaky Snakes will advance to the Arena World Championship at BlizzCon.

Latin America[edit]

From the Latin American Regional Championship, WoWlogo std.png Unitas Black will advance to the Arena World Championship at BlizzCon.


From the Chinese Regional Championship, WoWlogo std.png Put pen to paper flowers fade and WoWlogo std.png Legion PvP Lul will advance to the Arena World Championship at BlizzCon.


From the Asia-Pacific Regional Championship, WoWlogo std.png Team Rock will advance to the Arena World Championship at BlizzCon.

Qualification for Regional Championships[edit]

Qualification Points[edit]

Qualification points were required to advance to the Regional Championship for both Europe and North America. The 12 teams with the most qualification points at the end of the five Arena Cups qualified for the applicable Regional Championship. Arena Cups and approved community events both awarded points towards qualification.


European Leaderboard

Place Points Team
1st 360 RocketsEsportslogo std.png Rockets Esports
2nd 344 Methodlogo std.png Method Triforce
3rd 308 WoWlogo std.png Enjoy Legion
4th 260 NorthernGamingBlueLogo std.png Northern Gaming Blue
5th 130 WoWlogo std.png Making a Movie
6th 128 WoWlogo std.png ABC
7th 116 Methodlogo std.png Method Beyond
8th 66 WoWlogo std.png Emo
9th 20 WoWlogo std.png Blind Faith
10th 6 WoWlogo std.png Free Therapy
11th 2 WoWlogo std.png KPI Gaming
12th 1 WoWlogo std.png Grmbl
- - WoWlogo std.png Another One
1 Another One qualified for the European Championship Finals but was unable to attend due to roster issues.
2 Legionals gained sponsorship and was renamed to KPI Gaming .
3 Managers gained sponsorship from Method and was renamed to Method Beyond .
4 Æerø Die Maschine was renamed to Free Therapy .
5 The old french clan was renamed to Blind Faith .

North American Leaderboard

Place Points Team
1st 420 Tempo Stormlogo std.png Tempo Storm
2nd 252 Methodlogo std.png Method Synergy
3rd 208 Splycelogo std.png Splyce
4th 194 WoWlogo std.png Union
5th 148 Methodlogo std.png Method Reborn
6th 118 Methodlogo std.png Method Awakened
7th 92 WoWlogo std.png Frogs in a Pond
8th 80 PandaGlobalGaming std.png Panda Global
9th 56 WoWlogo std.png BabyRage
10th 40 WoWlogo std.png Onionball
10th 40 WoWlogo std.png Sneaky Snakes
12th 24 WoWlogo std.png Your Name Here
13th 12 WoWlogo std.png Jungle Book
13th 12 WoWlogo std.png MAMMOTHPOWER

Local Qualifier Tournaments[edit]

Other regions qualified for their Regional Championship through a local Arena Cup.

Qualified Teams[edit]

Australia and New Zealand

Place Team
1st WoWlogo std.png Avant Gaming
2nd WoWlogo std.png Team Rock
3rd WoWlogo std.png Big Guys