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Team Information
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Clan ViKiNGS has history back in 2008 on Battle.Net US East / US West

In the summer of 2016 (around June), the clan was recreated on w3arena by SweeT under co-leadership with Over-Admire, participating on competitions such as NWC3L and WC3CL. By autumn 2016, ena1337 started to manage the league-team of the clan, focusing on the competitions NWC3L and WC3CL. The team consisted of an international squad of Korean, North-American, South-American, Oceanian, Russian and European players.

Around the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, under the leadership of Over-Admire, ViKi organized many events with three-digits-prize money in USD, such as the ViKi 4v4 Cup, the ViKi 3v3 Cup and 1on1 Cups in cooperation with ESL.

In March 2017, the NWC3L League team won the first place in the 6th season of NWC3L in the final clanwar against uMad Gaming, with the main lineup of China Human icon small.png IAMTRY , Belarus Orc icon small.png OrcWorker, France Human icon small.png Anima, Peru Nightelf icon small.png Hunter, USA Orc icon small.png KODOS_FORSAKEN, and USA WEAREFOALS.

By August 2017, also due to a w3arena-related bug, which made the WC3 game client of each member crash after clicking on the clan tab in the chat lobby (due to too many members), the clan has been re-created under a changed leadership: Over-Admire and ena1337 together lead and manage the clan. By this time, the League Team has been newly designed: players who activelly participated in competitions such as ACS 2017 and GCS, especially from North America, South America and Europe, have been recruited and/or re-activated for the new activities of the clan: the main goal of the team is winning the 8th season of NWC3L.

The player list of the team can be found here:

At least since 2016, clan ViKiNGs embraces and welcomes an international environment within the team: players from Europe, North America, South America, Russia, Asia and Oceania play and interact together, despite time zone issues.