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[e][h]Hols Cup Weekly
League Information
Hols Cup (Weekly cup)
NicegameTV + Donations
South Korea 
Single Elimination
Prize pool:
₩ 9,873,533
Liquipedia Tier:
Hols Cup is a one-day cup hosted weekly by the Korean streaming company NicegameTV. The prize pool is usually a few hundred dollars guaranteed, plus what the viewers donate.

The cup has run since June, 2017, and is played on the NetEase-servers.

Asian players dominate the cup. FoCuS is the most succesfull player with four titles, followed by Infi & LawLiet with two titles each. Only two european players reach semifinal. Both only once, in week 9 : Foggy was runner-up and Imperius semifinalist.

After the twelfth installment, the total prize pool of the series is : ₩ 9,873,533 (≃ $ 8,717.56).


Since the cup is organized by a streaming site, the format is built around the viewing experience. The cup is played out in only a few hours, and has a clear focus on the latest rounds:

  • All rounds before the semifinals are best of 1
  • All rounds before the semifinals have predetermined maps, instead of a veto system
  • Semifinals are best of 3
  • Semifinals are played one after the other so both can be streamed
  • The final is best of 5

Hall of Fame[edit]

Most successful players[1] :

Player 1st 2nd Earnings
South Korea  FoCuS 4 0 $2,160
China  Infi 2 2 $2,144
South Korea  LawLiet 2 0 $1,136
South Korea  Check 1 4 $813
South Korea  Chaemiko 1 2 $975
China  Life 1 0 $176
South Korea  Lyn 1 0 $781
South Korea  So.In 0 1 $89
South Korea  Sok 0 1 $44
China  Xun 0 1 $0


# Date 1st 2nd SF SF
1 #1 2017-06-29 South Korea  FoCuS South Korea  Check South Korea  Free South Korea  Chaemiko
2 #2 2017-07-06 South Korea  Check China  Xun South Korea  Chaemiko China  Yumiko
3 #3 2017-07-11 South Korea  LawLiet South Korea  Check China  Zhou_Xixi South Korea  So.In
4 #4 2017-07-18 South Korea  FoCuS South Korea  Sok South Korea  So.in South Korea  Check
5 #5 2017-07-25 South Korea  Chaemiko South Korea  So.In China  XiaoKK South Korea  Check
6 #6 2017-08-01 South Korea  FoCuS South Korea  Check South Korea  LawLiet South Korea  Chaemiko
7 #7 2017-08-29 China  Infi South Korea  Check South Korea  ReprisaL South Korea  So.In
8 #8 2017-09-05 South Korea  Lyn China  Infi South Korea  Yange South Korea  Chaemiko
9 #9 2017-09-12 China  Infi Ukraine  Foggy Russia  Imperius South Korea  Check
10 #10 2017-09-19 South Korea  FoCuS South Korea  Chaemiko China  Infi China  Sini
11 #11 2017-09-26 South Korea  LawLiet China  Infi South Korea  Chaemiko South Korea  FoCuS
12 #12 2017-10-10 China  Life South Korea  Chaemiko South Korea  Sok South Korea  LawLiet
13 #13 2017-11-28 China  Life China  120 China  XiaoKK China  TH000
14 #14 2017-12-05 China  120 China  Infi South Korea  Check South Korea  FoCuS

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