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Firestalker is a German Warcraft 3 clan which was created in July 2003. Shortly after, they signed up for WC3CL, the most popular German amateur league back then, but only playing in the lower divisions for the first one and a half years. In spring 2005 Fs was promoted to the first division of WC3CL and also joined the newly created Bundesliga hosted by ESL. They managed to qualify for the ESL Premier League Season V[1] competing with teams like AoD Gaming, starComa, n!faculty and SK Germany, but were relegated to the ESL Bundesliga for the next season again. In January 2008, after merging with 6N, they entered the first division of WC3CL a second time and achieved their first title in season 32[2] in 2010. Ever since, Fs continues to participate in almost every remaining clan league and is regarged as one of the most reliable clans, playing in the first division of WC3CL for nine consecutive years and counting without ever missing a single season.


Germany Jehu
Germany YaGami
Germany Orc icon small.png Jehu
Germany Orc icon small.png Bull
Germany Orc icon small.png N4p0muk
Germany Human icon small.png Wind
Germany Human icon small.png SpoKi
Germany Human icon small.png YaGami
Germany Human icon small.png Fabi
Germany Undead icon small.png Edo
France Undead icon small.png KurCo
Germany Undead icon small.png remodemo
Germany Undead icon small.png PaSSioN
Germany Nightelf icon small.png niGHT
France Nightelf icon small.png CorNoX
France Nightelf icon small.png PassioNelf


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2017-03-19 A33 - 4th A3Minor New WarCraft 3 League - Season 6 4 : 8 Umadlogo std.png $0
2016-10-30 A55 - 8th A3Minor New WarCraft 3 League - Season 5 7 : 8 SQKlogo std.png $0
2016-06-12 A55 - 8th A3Minor New WarCraft 3 League - Season 4 1 : 8 W3DKlogo std.png $0
2015-12-06 A55 - 6th A3Minor New WarCraft 3 League - Season 2 0 : 9 Dkhlogo std.png $0
2012-05-06 A33 - 4th A3Minor Champions of Warcraft League Season 2 2 : 4 Dkhlogo std.png $0
2011-12-29 A33 - 4th A3Minor Champions of Warcraft League Season 1 3 : 4 Ownulogo std.png $0
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