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Buildings are stationary structures that allow the player to increase and improve their army, gather resources and buy items. Most buildings are only available by construction, using a worker unit, but some are also available through other means, such as upgrading existing buildings or items.

Player Buildings[edit]

Constructable Buildings[edit]

The tech-trees of the four races all follow a similar pattern. Tier 1 allows for the construction of the Altar and the basic units building, as well as most of the support structures such as the food supply, shop, and tower. At Tier 2, two new unit production buildings are made available, generally split into casters and advanced fighting units. Finally, Tier 3 enables the production of a very strong unit from a dedicated building.

Human Human Night Elf Night Elf Orc Orc Undead Undead
Main Building Wc3BTNTownHall.png Town Hall Wc3BTNTreeOfLife.png Tree of Life Wc3BTNGreatHall.png Great Hall Wc3BTNNecropolis.png Necropolis
Goldmine Wc3BTNGoldmine.png Haunted Goldmine
Food Supply Wc3BTNFarm.png Farm Wc3BTNMoonWell.png Moon Well Wc3BTNTrollBurrow.png Orc Burrow Wc3BTNZiggurat.png Ziggurat
Altar Wc3BTNAltarOfKings.png Altar of Kings Wc3BTNAltarOfElders.png Altar of Elders Wc3BTNAltarOfStorms.png Altar of Storms Wc3BTNAltarOfDarkness.png Altar of Darkness
Shop Wc3BTNArcaneVault.png Arcane Vault Wc3BTNAncientOfWonders.png Ancients Of Wonders Wc3BTNVoodooLounge.png Voodoo Lounge Wc3BTNTombOfRelics.png Tomb Of Relics
Lumber Return Wc3BTNHumanLumberMill.png Lumber Mill Wc3BTNForge.png War Mill Wc3BTNGraveYard.png Graveyard
Upgrades Wc3BTNBlacksmith.png Blacksmith Wc3BTNHuntersHall.png Hunter's Hall
Tower Wc3BTNHumanWatchTower.png Scout Tower Wc3BTNTreant.png Ancient Protector Wc3BTNOrcTower.png Watch Tower
Other Wc3BTNSacrificialPit.png Sacrificial Pit
Tier 1 Production Wc3BTNHumanBarracks.png Barracks Wc3BTNAncientOfTheEarth.png Ancients Of War Wc3BTNBarracks.png Barracks Wc3BTNCrypt.png Crypt
Tier 2 Production Wc3BTNArcaneSanctum.png Arcane Sanctum Wc3BTNAncientOfTheMoon.png Ancients Of Wind Wc3BTNSpiritLodge.png Spirit Lodge Wc3BTNTempleOfTheDamned.png Temple Of The Damned
Tier 2 Production Wc3BTNWorkshop.png Workshop Wc3BTNAncientOfLore.png Ancients Of Lore Wc3BTNBeastiary.png Beastiary Wc3BTNSlaughterHouse.png Slaughterhouse
Tier 3 Production Wc3BTNGryphonAviary.png Gryphon Aviary Wc3BTNChimaeraRoost.png Chimaera Roost Wc3BTNTaurenTotem.png Tauren Totem Wc3BTNBoneYard.png Boneyard

Upgradable Buildings[edit]

Human Human Night Elf Night Elf Orc Orc Undead Undead
Main Tier 2 Wc3BTNKeep.png Keep Wc3BTNTreeOfAges.png Tree of Ages Wc3BTNStrongHold.png Stronghold Wc3BTNHallOfTheDead.png Halls of the Dead
Main Tier 3 Wc3BTNCastle.png Castle Wc3BTNTreeOfEternity.png Tree of Eternity Wc3BTNFortress.png Fortress Wc3BTNBlackCitadel.png Black Citadel
Tower Wc3BTNHumanArcaneTower.png Arcane Tower Wc3BTNFrostTower.png Nerubian Tower
Tower Wc3BTNGuardTower.png Guard Tower Wc3BTNZigguratUpgrade.png Spirit Tower
Tower Wc3BTNCannonTower.png Cannon Tower

Neutral Buildings[edit]