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This article may be outdated due to patch 2.0.4 YABOT maps cannot be played anymore

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YABOT: Welcome screen

"Yet Another Build Order Tester (YABOT)" was created to test and excersice Build Orders with all three races in StarCraft 2. The YABOT project selected known maps created by Blizzard and added special features. These features create a good way to test BOs. E. g. your time is tracked, when you build your first structure (e. g. Pylon at 0:49). This way you can create your own records, practise and improve and after a while you will be able to break your own records.

YABOT's main goal is efficiency. Constantly building workers and units is often part of a good BO. To improve your timing, keep your minerals and gas low and getting an economic advantage in the early game might help win the game.

The 1/1/1 build (Terran) is standard and can be played with every YABOT map. If you want to play and practise this BO, just follow 2 simple steps:

  • start StarCraft 2, login and so on
  • choose "Multiplayer"
  • create a custom game

und select "Popular" maps and use the filter function with "yabot".

If you want to know more about Build Orders, you might find the "How to read Build Orders" article useful.


Options in YABOT

Some popular BO are available out of the box, when you start YABOT. The option "Freestyle Build" enables a free build, if you want to test something you created on your own.

Similar to BO-Tester created by qxc. Work in progress ...
"Freestyle Build", AI: Medium, Work in progress ...
Work in progress ...

"Demo-Mode" is the last option. Work in progress ...


Work in progress ...


If you play YABOT in a multiplayer game, the normal AI is used. In a singleplayer game the AI is stronger. E.g. Zerg-AI opens with spawning pool and roach warren and attacks with 4 or 6 roaches. The "Green Tea AI" (acronym: "GT AI") plays more variable. If you want to play against a more hard AI than the "very hard" AI, try YABOT and the GT AI.


  • Very Easy: Similar to multiplayer AI ("very hard")
  • Easy: "GT AI (normal vision like player)"
  • Medium: "GT AI (full vision)"
  • Hard: "Same harvest rate as the player at the beginning, then slowly increase from 1 to 1.5 times in 10 minutes."
  • Very Hard: "Same harvest rate as the player at the beginning, then rapidly increase from 1 to 2.0 times in 10 minutes."
  • Insane: "The AI get double resources at the begining. Only use 1 strategy for each races but using all the units in the game."

Quotes/Source: sc2.nibbits.com

Multiplayer: Import a BO[edit]

Work in progress ...

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    <Value string="aIh|T],`%GzE|82~|^[FlF%p02-GwVq]!U{IJfG+jfh!Uwit@;ycD3Zf% (...)"/>

Singleplayer: Import a BO[edit]

Work in progress ...

Attack Waves[edit]

Work in progress ...

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