Xel'Naga Fortress

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Crux Xel'Naga Fortress
Creator: JackyPrime
TLPD: International Korean
Tileset: Twilight
Size: 148x148
Spawn Positions: 3 at 3,7,11
Competition Span: 2011-03 – 2011-12


Xel'Naga Fortress is a custom map that made its debut in the March 2011 GSTL.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Features rotational symmetry
  • Hard to defend third expansion as a wide arc is possible
  • Fourth expansions (12 o'clock, 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock) have two side-paths concealed with high grass
  • One central Xel'Naga tower (destroys itself after a certain amount of time has passed)


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