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Team Information
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Protoss 0
Terran 0
Zerg 0
Recent Player Trades:
2014-06-08 - Socke and ToD leave
2014-11-30 - Lilbow leaves
2014-08-01 - SaltTheWound retires


XMG is a gaming laptop brand of the German company Schenker Notebooks, headquartered in Leipzig, Germany. The brand sponsors several eSport ventures, tournaments, players, and teams, including Alliance, Counter Logic Gaming, Evil Geniuses as well as the HomeStory Cup. In 2012, XMG signed two StarCraft II players to play full-time for the organisation. On December 1st 2013 the organization announced personal sponsorship of female player MaddeLisk.[1] On February 3rd 2014 XMG announced personal sponsorship of caster Apollo. [2]


  • April 25th, XMG announced, that SaltTheWound and ToD will join forces with XMG.[8]
  • June 20th, XlorD announces his retirement with a view to return for Warcraft IV.[9]
  • December 1st, XMG provides a personal sponsorship for MaddeLisk, who will however remain on Millenium.[10]
  • December 19th, monchi's retirement is made official following his injury.[11]
  • July 2nd, German Warcraft III legend XlorD announces that he would be returning to StarCraft II, supported by XMG.[12]
  • October 20th, XMG signs Austrian Protoss monchi with a one-year contract to play full-time.[13]

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name New Team
frFrance pProtoss ToD Yoan Merlo
deGermany PProtoss Socke Giacomo Thüs
Heros of the Storm
frFrance pProtoss Lilbow David Moschetto Millenium Millenium
austriaAustria pProtoss monchi Philipp Simon
deGermany zZerg SaltTheWound Bastian Brouwers
deGermany zZerg XlorD Daniel Spenst

Personal Sponsorships[edit]


Best Yearly Results:

ID Name 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
seSweden zZerg MaddeLisk Madeleine Leander - - 49 - 64th 2012 DreamHack Open/Stockholm 65 - 96th 2013 DreamHack Open/Stockholm2013 DreamHack Open/Summer 49 - 64th 2014 DreamHack Open: Stockholm
ukUnited Kingdom rRandom Apollo Shaun Clark - - - - -


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