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Team Information
Team Captain:
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Picon small.png 2
Ticon small.png 3
Zicon small.png 2
Recent Player Trades:
2017-06-20 - Courage and Mayuki leave
2017-06-10 - Silky is released
2017-06-05 Chick joins
2016-07-04 - Silky joins
2016-05-25 - ByuN leaves
2016-02-22 - Cloudy joins

X-Team is the first Heroes of the Storm team in China created by F91. X means x of equations but in Chinese, it is thought that there is the other meaning - Xie (谐 in Chinese, means many words like humorous, funny and so on).


  • June 4th - F91 decided to recruit Shana as a pro SC2 player.
  • June 8th - Courage, HunteR, Mayuki, Aloha, CarsickZerg, Xiaose and F91 himself formed the team.
  • In order to participate in Starcraft League 2015‎, later, On July 15, YHY and Kurafi joined it.
  • Oct 18th, during the transfer window of Starcraft League 2015‎, Ein and ByuN were recruited in order to stay in the league, while HunteR was removed from the roster without playing a single match during the first half of the league.[11]
  • Dec 27th, Xiaose, one of spokesmen of X-Team, announced that the team would not plan to sign another Korean player after ByuN. They are going to focus on rising Chinese players.[12]


Best Yearly Results[edit]

China Picon small.png Cloudy
 Gao Yuan
China Zicon small.png F91
 Sun Yifeng
China Ticon small.png TIME
 Li Peinan
ID Name 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
cnChina tTicon small.png Chick Wu Chuantao (吴传涛) - - - - - - -
cnChina PPicon small.png Cloudy Gao Yuan (高源) - - - 13 - 16th MSI Beat IT 2014 - Challenger League 9 - 16th GPL_2015/Grand_Finals KB6aChallenger League Ro16GPL_2017_Season_2
cnChina tTicon small.png Ein Gao Kun (高坤) - - - - - Challenger League 9 - 16th GPL_2015/Grand_Finals Challenger League 9 - 12th GPL_2017_Season_1_First_HalfGPL_2017_Season_1_Second_Half
ChinaChina pPicon small.png Firefly - - - - - - Challenger League 9 - 12th GPL_2017_Season_1_First_HalfGPL_2017_Season_1_Second_Half
cnChina tTicon small.png TIME Li Peinan (李培楠) - - - - - Challenger League 3rd GPL_2015/Grand_Finals 17 - 24th 2017_WCS_Austin2017_WCS_Jönköping
ChinaChina tTicon small.png Kurafi Huang Feipeng (黄飞鹏) - - - - - Challenger League 17 - 32nd GPL 2016 Season 2/Premier -
ChinaChina zZicon small.png F91 Sun Yifeng (孙一峰) 5 - 8th World Cyber Games 2011 17 - 24th 2012 WCS Asia Finals - - - - -
ChinaChina zZicon small.png Xiaose Huang Xudong (黄旭东) - - - - - - -
ChinaChina zZicon small.png YHY Yang Hanyu (杨汉宇) 9 - 12th IEM_Season_VI_-_Global_Challenge_Guangzhou - - - - - -

Past members[edit]

ID Name New Team/Clan
cnChina zZicon small.png Silky Yin Yongxin (殷泳鑫)
cnChina zZicon small.png Courage Qian Zanqi (钱赞企) Team LeiFeng std.png Team LeiFeng
cnChina zZicon small.png Mayuki Ma Xue (马雪) Team LeiFeng std.png Team LeiFeng
krSouth Korea tTicon small.png ByuN Byun Hyun Woo (변현우) Team expertlogo std.png Team expert
ChinaChina zZicon small.png CarsickZerg Lei Tiantong (雷天同) ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
cnChina tTicon small.png Shana Wang Yulun (王雨伦) Retirement
cnChina tTicon small.png HunteR Zhang Kaiyuan (张开元) ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
cnChina tTicon small.png Y74 He Yu (贺昱) Braveheartlogo std.png Brave Heart
ChinaChina pPicon small.png Aloha Jiang Chengyuan (江澄远) Retirement
From Left to Right: Y74, Aloha, Shana, Mayuki, ByuN, F91, Xiaose and Courage in Blizzard e-Sports Hall, MTR City Plaza, Putuo District, Shanghai.


ID Name Position
China F91 Sun Yifeng (孙一峰) Founder, Manager, Coach and Sponsor
China Xiaose Huang Xudong (黄旭东) Sponsor


Date League Result Winnings
2017-06-04 Neo Star League 2016 XTeam std.png X-Team 2 : 3 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming ¥50,000 / $7,250
2015-12-27 StarCraft League 2015 XTeam std.png X-Team 3 : 2 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming ¥40,000 / $6,400


  • The logo of X-Team is two axe putting a modelling like the letter "x". However, the other modelling will be thought of - iaguz. He is called 斧王 (King with Axe) from Chinese casters' words in order to describe his play style.

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