Widow Mine (Legacy of the Void)

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This article is for the Legacy of the Void multiplayer version. For the previous expansions' multiplayer version, see Widow Mine (Heart of the Swarm).
[e][h]TerranIcon.png Widow Mine
Widow Mine.png
Unit Information
Ground Unit
Built From:
Minerals.gif 75 Vespene-terran.gif 25 Buildtime terran.gif 29 Supply-terran.gif 2
Attack 1:
Targets: Ground / Air
Damage: 125 (+40 Splash)
Bonus: +35 (+25 Splash) vs Shields
Range: 5
Icon Hitpoints.png 90 Icon Armor.png 0 (+1)
Cargo Size:
Weak against:


A Light Mechanical mine produced from the Factory with a Reactor. Must Burrow into the ground before it can use the "Activate Mine" ability to cause Splash damage ground or air units. Deals fixed Spell damage (ignores Armor upgrades) to both the primary target and splash, takes 29 seconds to load the next attack, and can only fire while Burrowed underground. Has a slight attack delay before casting "Activate Mine," and is vulnerable to fast units like Mutalisk and Adepts - if they have enough units to one-shot a Mine, they will be unharmed.

Widow Mines are not affected by the splash damage of friendly Widow Mines (be it the Widow Mine's own attack or another Mines) but other friendly units are; the enemy can use fast units to drag the Mine attacks towards Terran's army. Use Medivacs to dodge or do not mix Mines with Bio and/or Hellbats in the late game.

Commonly used alongside Marines and Medivacs in the early game to harass. When un-detected, this is more likely to cause lost Worker mining time than kills if the opponent is fast enough, but lost income is equally as important as killing Workers. Needs Siege Tanks or Liberators to help defend against enemy units sniping the mines.


Activate Mine
Activate Mine.png
Hotkey: E
Burrows the Widow Mine and readies the weapon. Cannot move while activated.
Sentinel Missiles
Unstable Payload.png
The Widow Mine automatically launches a missile at the closest enemy target within 5 range, dealing 125 damage (+35 shield damage) to the target and splash damage to surrounding units.


Minerals.gif 150     Vespene-terran.gif 150     Buildtime terran.gif 79 Hotkey: C
Researched from: Tech Lab
Requires: Armory
Allows Widow Mines to burrow and activate 3 times as fast.

Targeting Mechanism[edit]

1) A widow mine takes 2 seconds to activate. Whenever there is a unit in the mine radius, the mine will lock on it with a visual line to indicate it's target and 2 seconds later, a Sentinel Missile will be launched at it. If, in the meantime, the unit successfully gets out of the mine radius, the rocket won't be launched (the mine won't lose its cooldown) and only then the mine will be able to lock on a new target.

This can effectively lead to unnatural or seemingly random behavior where several units pass through a mine field without activating any of them. A fast unit can pass through a mine radius in less than 1.5 sec, being targeted and not fired upon. Since the mine locks on to a new target only when the first gets out, the second target would be halfway through the mine radius when it is locked on, and yet again get out in less than 1.5 sec.[1]

2) Two mines cannot automatically target the same unit. This means that a field of mines will never do any overkill. As a side effect, a high-HP unit will be able to pass through multiple mines and take very few hits[2]

3) The target of mines can be set manually (by right clicking), in which case they will all drop their current target and resetting their targeting to lock onto a new one (overruling the previous point), re-selecting the closest units. After 1.5 sec, all the rockets will launch simultaneously, causing potential overkill. However, constantly right-clicking on units will cause the mines not to fire, since each right-click resets the 1.5 sec firing cooldown for all mines in range

4) A mine will never automatically target disguised Changelings or revealed Hallucinations.

Competitive Use[edit]

  • In combination with fast and mobile units, Widow Mines are slightly faster than Marine+Marauder forces (unless Stimmed) and can maneuver around the more mobile units and hit clumped workers or high value units if target fired. Drilling Claws increases the speed of the burrowing phase and makes it easier to have your mines form a mobile and flexible attacking force.
  • In defensive formations, Widow Mines can be used to guard chokes and protect vulnerable points.
  • Can be used to protect against drops or protect mineral lines

Vs.ProtossIcon.png Protoss[edit]

A widow mine does total of 160 damage to a protoss unit when counting the shield damage and can one shot each and every Gateway unit and the Oracle. Used to zone out opposing Mineral fields from workers with Medivac (1) and Marines (6) as a standard opening being used since early Heart of the Swarm.

Vs.TerranIcon.png Terran[edit]

  • Banshee openings are prepared for by default, gaining fast Hellions (to 6 or more) is more useful for deflecting early Marines with Siege Tank (1 or 2) as they cross the map. Hellions can also be dropped against a Banshee opening as counter harass (similar to against Mutalisk),

Vs.ZergIcon.png Zerg[edit]



Patch Changes[edit]


  • In its original incarnation as the Shredder, it did a pulsing field of damage unless a friendly unit was nearby.
  • It was then changed to the more familiar mine form, in which it latches on to its target and explodes after 10 seconds.
  • Upon the release of the Heart of the Swarm Beta, it seems closer to a single use projectile that fires at any unit that comes within range.

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