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[e][h]Western Wolves
Team Information
Reece "Tidus" Fowler
Solo Achievements
IEM Season VII - Singapore
January 2012


Western Wolves was a professional multigaming team based in the BeNeLux. Western Wolves was formed in January 2012 after a decision to split foreign squads from LowLandLions, with LLL now fully focusing on their Benelux based teams, changing the working language to Dutch and Western Wolves fielding LLL's former foreign squads & players.[1]

Western Wolves fielded teams in StarCraft 2, FIFA Halo, Counter-Strike as well as a Street Fighter IV squad that included 2012 EVO world champion Lee Seon-Woo (Inflitration).[2]

Western Wolves announced that it would be disbanding on the 31st of December 2013.[3]



  • March 16th - Spades was recruited as the first player for Western Wolves after winning their Academy Cup.[4]
  • June 5th - Spades resigns from the Western Wolves as he felt his image would be tarnished as long as the issue of him being allegedly caught maphacking remained unresolved, and he would no longer benefit the team.[5]
  • June 28th - Western Wolves release a hype video hinting at a new SC2 roster [6]
  • June 29th - Ziktomini, SortOf, StarNaN, Fargo and Miniraser join the team.[7]
  • November 17th - Sting joins following a mystery announcement.[8][9]


Player Roster[edit]

Active at time of disbanding[edit]

Best Yearly Result:

ID Name 2010 2011 2012 2013 New Team
krSouth Korea zZerg Check Kim Min Gyu - - - Challenger League 41 - 64th 2013 WCS Season 1 Korea GSL Wayi Spider Wayi Spider
krSouth Korea pProtoss Daisy Lee Jong Hyuk - - 9 - 12th 2012_MLG_Pro_Circuit/Summer/Arena 2012_MLG_Pro_Circuit/Summer/Championship 5 - 8th IEM Season VII - Katowice Wayi Spider Wayi Spider
seSweden pProtoss StarNaN Daniel Ohlsson - 49 - 64th DreamHack Winter 2011 3 - 4th 2012 DreamHack Open/Bucharest 25 - 32nd 2013 DreamHack Open/Summer Team Property Team Property
krSouth Korea TTerran Sting Ju Hoon - - 1st Intel Extreme Masters 9 - 12th Intel Extreme Masters
ukUnited Kingdom zZerg Ziktomini Nick Copello - - 25 - 32nd 2012 DreamHack Summer 2012 WCS Euerope Finals 33 - 48th 2013_DreamHack_Open/Stockholm


ID Name New Team
usUSA tTerran Spades Brian Francis
seSweden zZerg Miniraser Viktor Malmberg Fnatic Fnatic
ltLithuania tTerran Fargo Vaidas Radavicius
seSweden zZerg SortOf Rickard Bergman Alliance Alliance
krSouth Korea pProtoss Arthur Yoon Myung Hyuk ESC Gaming ESC Gaming
seSweden tTerran MorroW Stefan Andersson Team Property Team Property


Nickname Name Position New Organization
yUnited Kingdom Protoss Tidus Mino Reece Fowler SC2 Manager Mousesports mousesports
yBelgium Random GECKO Florent Dauvister Head Manager
yNetherlands Random MartijnMumbles Martijn Bloemheuvel Commentator
yBelgium Random TRAY Michiel Dp Editor in Chief
yUnited Kingdom Terran Dabba David Barker Video Content Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result
2012-07-11 ISTL Season 2 Western Wolves Western Wolves 4 : 2 My Intent My Intent
2012-11-11 ISTL Season 3 Western Wolves Western Wolves 4 : 2 Frost eSports Frost eSports


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