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Wayi Spider
Team Information
Location: Taiwan Taiwan
Coaches: Yu"Dus" liter
Ahn "Orange" Jong Gill
Manager: SpiderAvA
Sponsor: Wayi
Website Twitter Facebook TLPD HotS TLPD International TLPD Korea Aligulac
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


Picon small.png 2Ticon small.png 0Zicon small.png 6
Recent Player Trades: 2014-02-26 - FunNv joins


Wayi Spider is a professional esports team from Taiwan founded in 2008. Spider has teams for Kart Rider, Special Force, and StarCraft 2. In StarCraft 2, Spider is most known for their participation in the Taiwan eSports League. Their team slogan is "Never give up! Be a hero!"

The team has contracted with players outside of Taiwan. In May 2012, Wayi Spider announced the creation of Spider Korea under the management of SpiderOrange and SpidereOMarU, with the aim of participating in foreign team leagues. The team seemed to have dissolved towards October 2012. Wayi Spider currently also hosts a Chinese section.


  • January 1st, AK joins the team.[1]
  • January 28th, Check and Daisy join the team.[2]
  • February 26th, FunNv joins the team.[3]
  • March 6th, JuMi and Vanilla are not part of the official Wayi Spider roster anymore.[4]
  • April 4th, Fist joins.[5]
  • Early 2013, Wayi Spider disband their Chinese SC2 roster.[6]
  • June 14th, Rex is signed to the team.[7]
  • September 12th, Wayi Spider recruit Vanilla and also, after re-negotiation of the contract, re-sign Fly.[8]
  • October 31st, Fly announces retirement.[9]
  • November 17th, Python joins.[10]
  • May 15, Wayi Spider announce the creation of a Korean team, with the first contracted players being TJ, GaRIoN, NEW and NalZa.[11]
  • November 1, Wayi Spider announce a partnership with Korean team MVP which includes the possibility of international exchanges between players. It was announced that Galaxy would be travelling to Taiwan to compete in the TeSL for Wayi Spider.[12]
  • November 28, Nifi retires.[13]

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
twTaiwan zZicon small.png AK Li Zhe Wei - - 17 - 24th 2012 WCS Asia Finals - -
krSouth Korea zZicon small.png Check Kim Min Gyu - - - LE8Challenger League Ro48 2013 WCS Season 1 Korea GSL KD2aChallenger League Ro32 2014 WCS Season 2 America
twTaiwan zZicon small.png Cheetos Lin Shih Ting - - - - -
krSouth Korea pPicon small.png Daisy Lee Jong Hyuk - - 9 - 12th 2012_MLG_Pro_Circuit/Summer/Arena 2012_MLG_Pro_Circuit/Summer/Championship 5 - 8th IEM Season VII - Katowice LE8Challenger League Ro48 2014 WCS Season 1 Europe
twTaiwan zZicon small.png Fist Lin Yi Heng - - - - -
twTaiwan pPicon small.png FunNv Wang Jen Hung - - - - -
twTaiwan zZicon small.png Python Li Chang Yu - - - - -
twTaiwan zZicon small.png Rex Lei Hao Cheng - - - - -

Exchange Players[edit]

ID Name Team Arrival Departure
krSouth Korea zZicon small.png Galaxy Yoo Young Joon MVPlogo std.png MVP 1 November 2012 4 November 2012



ID Name New Team
twTaiwan tTicon small.png JuMi Chen Tzu Wen Retired
twTaiwan tTicon small.png Vanilla Chou Yu Ta
twTaiwan ZZicon small.png Max Xi-Yu Chen Retired
twTaiwan pPicon small.png Lin Yu-Heng Len Retired
twTaiwan pPicon small.png Nifi Yi-Ting Liu Retired
twTaiwan PPicon small.png JAS Ker-Ang Dong Retired
twTaiwan tTicon small.png DS Wang Jun Apolloslogo std.png Tt Apollos
twTaiwan TTicon small.png Chakey Guan-Ji Lin Apolloslogo std.png Tt Apollos
twTaiwan pPicon small.png Wulong Wu-Long Lei Retired
twTaiwan zZicon small.png Fly Ke-Wei Chen Retired


ID Name New Team
krSouth Korea TTicon small.png Kong Son Jun Young FXOlogo std.png FXO
krSouth Korea TTicon small.png Han Lee Yo Han Retired
krSouth Korea ZZicon small.png SSul Cho Seo Yeon Retired
krSouth Korea ZZicon small.png GaRIoN Kwak Beom Soo MJTeamlogo std.png MJ Team
krSouth Korea ZZicon small.png Owl Yoo Boo Young Retired
krSouth Korea TTicon small.png TJ Lee Byeong Kwan N/A
krSouth Korea PPicon small.png NalZa Kong Won Wook N/A
krSouth Korea PPicon small.png Swim Lee Soo Hyeong N/A
krSouth Korea PPicon small.png NEW Yoon He Bin Retired
krSouth Korea TTicon small.png BoNo Kim Hyeon Hyeong N/A
krSouth Korea ZZicon small.png Helios Ahn Jong Gu Retired


ID Name New Team
cnChina pPicon small.png Ash Jin-Yue Zhang Vglogo std.png Vici Gaming
cnChina zZicon small.png Comm Hui Chen Vglogo std.png Vici Gaming


Team League Regular Season Playoffs
TeSL 2011 4th 10W - 10L Not Qualified
TeSL 2011-2012 First Half 2nd 16W - 11L Gold.png Wayispiderlogo std.png Wayi Spider 5 : 3 Apolloslogo std.png Tt Apollos
TeSL 2011-2012 Second Half 2nd 16W - 11L Silver.png Wayispiderlogo std.png Wayi Spider 3 : 5 Gamabearslogo std.png Gama Bears

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