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[e][h]WardiTV Weekly
League Information
Single-elimination bracket
Prize pool:
$100 Weekly
$500 Monthly
Start Date:

The WardiTV Weekly is a series of Weekly cups from WardiTV. After starting out hosting weekly cups when under the SC2Improve brand, the organisation was excited to bring back a weekly cup for players to take part in. The Weekly events will be split into Seasons. Each season does not have a set length, but will end with a season finale event (a larger event by WardiTV) which the winners of each Weekly throughout the season will be invited to.


  • Open to all players, server priority will alternate each week.
  • Single-elimination bracket.
  • Best of 3 in all rounds except the finals.
  • Best of 5 finals.

Prize Pool[edit]

Weekly Tournament[edit]

The base prize pool for each event is $100, but may be raised through Matcherino for each event. OSC points are also awarded to all top 16 players.

Place Prize (USD) OSC Points
1st $75 120
2nd $25 60
3rd-4th - 30
5th-8th - 10
9th-16th - 5

Season Finals[edit]

The base prize pool for each event is $500, but may be raised through Matcherino for each event. OSC points are also awarded to all players.

Place Prize (USD) OSC Points
1st $300 300
2nd $100 200
3rd-4th $50 100
5th-8th - 40
9th-12th - 20
13th-16th - 10


Weekly Tournaments[edit]

# Date 1st 2nd SF SF
1 #1 2017-01-09 South Korea  soO South Korea  ByuL South Korea  herO South Korea  jjakji
2 #2 2017-01-16 South Korea  soO South Korea  aLive South Korea  ByuN South Korea  Solar
3 #3 2017-01-23 South Korea  Zest South Korea  ByuN South Korea  KeeN South Korea  herO
4 #4 2017-02-01 South Korea  ByuN South Korea  GuMiho South Korea  jjakji South Korea  Solar
5 #5 2017-02-06 South Korea  INnoVation South Korea  ByuN South Korea  Zest South Korea  Stats
6 #6 2017-04-06 Poland  Nerchio South Korea  KeeN South Korea  aLive South Korea  Super
7 #7 2017-04-13 South Korea  TRUE South Korea  Hurricane South Korea  Impact South Korea  Billowy
8 #8 2017-04-20 South Korea  Hurricane South Korea  aLive South Korea  Hush Netherlands  uThermal
9 #9 2017-05-04 South Korea  Hurricane South Korea  jjakji South Korea  herO South Korea  KeeN
10 #10 2017-05-11 South Korea  Leenock South Korea  herO South Korea  Armani South Korea  KeeN
11 #11 2017-05-18 South Korea  Solar South Korea  Stats South Korea  aLive South Korea  GuMiho
12 #12 2017-08-09 Sweden  Namshar Ukraine  Bly South Korea  PenguiN South Korea  KeeN
13 #13 2017-08-17 Ukraine  Bly Poland  Nerchio South Korea  KeeN Croatia  goblin
14 #14 2017-08-22 USA  GAMETIME South Korea  PenguiN South Africa  PhoenixTears Ukraine  Minato
15 #15 2017-08-31 Poland  Nerchio South Korea  Solar Ukraine  Bly South Korea  aLive
16 #16 2017-09-07 South Korea  GuMiho South Korea  aLive South Korea  KeeN South Korea  PenguiN
17 #17 2017-09-14 South Korea  herO South Korea  Impact South Korea  Bunny South Korea  Solar
18 #18 2017-10-09 South Korea  TY South Korea  Impact South Korea  Billowy South Korea  KeeN
19 #19 2017-11-17 Poland  Nerchio South Korea  Impact South Korea  Zest South Korea  jjakji

Season Finals[edit]

# Date 1st 2nd SF SF
1 #1 2017-02-20 South Korea  soO South Korea  GuMiho South Korea  Solar South Korea  INnoVation
2 #2 2017-06-01 South Korea  ByuN South Korea  KeeN South Korea  TRUE South Korea  INnoVation
3 #3 2017-11-29 South Korea  herO South Korea  Stats South Korea  Zest Poland  Nerchio


Medals won per Player[edit]

Weekly Tournaments[edit]

 Hurricane  soO 
 Bly  ByuN  GAMETIME  GuMiho  INnoVation  Leenock  Namshar  Solar  TRUE  TY  Zest  herO 
 Impact  aLive 
 Bly  ByuL  GuMiho  Hurricane  KeeN  Nerchio  PenguiN  Solar  Stats  herO  jjakji 

Season Finals[edit]

 ByuN  herO  soO 
 GuMiho  KeeN  Stats 

Medals won per Race[edit]

Weekly Tournaments[edit]

Race Total
Zerg 11 8 19
Terran 4 8 12
Protoss 4 3 7

Season Finals[edit]

Race Total
Zerg 1 0 1
Terran 1 2 3
Protoss 1 1 2

Medals won per Country[edit]

Weekly Tournaments[edit]

Country Total
South Korea South Korea 13 17 30
Poland Poland 3 1 4
Ukraine Ukraine 1 1 2
Sweden Sweden 1 0 1
USA USA 1 0 1

Season Finals[edit]

Country Total
South Korea South Korea 2 2 4


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