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[e][h]Protoss Wall-In at Natural
Wall-In at Natural
Strategy Information


Construct a row of buildings at the natural expansion choke to constrict or eliminate access to both the natural and main bases.


Rather than a build order, this is a layout strategy that allows you to wall off your natural expansion, allowing for safer (and earlier) expansion and establishment of 2 mining bases. This can give Protoss a very useful economic edge earlier in the game than typically possible.

Ways to Wall-In[edit]

Wall-In at Natural on Abyssal Caverns
Wall-In at Natural on Shattered Temple


The larger the choke, the more buildings needed to wall, meaning the wall will be slower or come at the cost of more sacrificed.

Pylons are not optimal as part of a wall-in in PvZ, as these make Baneling busts more effective.


Make sure to place the buildings carefully. A simple slip up such as placing the first Pylon too far back can be fatal. Make certain the cannon covers all of the buildings from melee attacks. If the map allows it, leave a single space open for a Zealot so no buildings must be destroyed for units to get in and out of the base. If a wall-in building must be destroyed, the Cybernetics Core is usually the best option. The Core must be rebuilt somewhere else, of course, as it is an important tech building.


Maps with wide natural expansions, like Xel'Naga Caverns, are not feasible for walling in at the natural. If you insist, however, you must create 2 cannons early on: one guarding your buildings, and the other protecting your workers. If a Zerg opponent goes for early roaches, it becomes very difficult to hold. The extra cannons will be behind nothing, exposed, thus you must mass a lot more than normal, decreasing the overall economic gain that's supposed to be obtained from walling in at the natural.


Pro features[edit]

Maps with fairly tight choke points outside the natural expansion:

Con features[edit]

Maps with wide open access to the natural expansions:

Popular Maps Wall-in Examples[edit]

Abyssal Caverns[edit]

Antiga Shipyard[edit]


Nerazim Crypt[edit]

Shakuras Plateau[edit]

Tal'darim Altar[edit]

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