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Team Information
Location: Russia Russia
Manager: Andrey "FUki" Kirukin
Team Captain: Artem "sLivko" Garavtsov
Sponsor: APC by Schneider Electric
Website Twitter TLPD HotS TLPD International Aligulac
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


Picon small.png 0Ticon small.png 0Zicon small.png 1
Created: 2011-12-01

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Overview[edit] is a very old Russian e-sports organization, mostly famous for their team in Counter-Strike 1.6 and their now disbanded, once world dominating DotA team.

The team was created November 1, 2003, as a Moscow-based Counter-Strike squad. A few years later, a Need for Speed division was picked up, and May 2007 a DotA team as well. Their CS squad has reached several achievements over the years, and is probably still to many associated with "Vigoss", one of the biggest DotA-legends ever, who played for the team during their days of glory.[1]




  • January 7th, add former RoX.KIS player Neytpoh.[3]
  • February 25th, Siw joined[4]
  • March 1st, Vasilisk leaves
  • April 29th, Verdi joined
  • May 8th, Verdi leaves to join Vega Squadron.[5]
  • August 8th, Revolver goes back to his old team, NCM Clan, while AtSky joins instead.[6]
  • August 24th, Roll leave[7]
  • August 25th, sLivko joined[8]
  • October 10th, Siw is removed from the team after failing to notify the team management, and the WCG Russia administration of his lack of a passport, resulting in him not being able to attend the WCG Russian Finals, despite having qualified.[9]
  • December 31st, the team announced that they have released AtSky, Neytpoh and Turuk due to lack of results, announcing a "full lineup" in the coming months.[10]

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name 2011 2012 2013 2014
ruRussia zZicon small.png sLivko Artem Garavtsov E8Ro48 Electronic Sports World Cup 2011 A4Ro4 IEM Season VII - Singapore B313 - 16th IEM Season VIII - Shanghai D2Premier League Ro32 2014_WCS_Season_1_Europe


ID Name New Team
uaUkraine zZicon small.png Vasilisk Basil Rudenko
ruRussia tTicon small.png Turuk Constantine Arzhavitin Cascadelogo std.png Cascade
ruRussia pPicon small.png AtSky Georgiy Baykov 3DClanlogo std.png 3D Clan
ruRussia pPicon small.png Neytpoh Yuri Karev Retired
ruRussia pPicon small.png Siw Vladimir Syzranov Empirelogo std.png Team Empire
ruRussia pPicon small.png VERDI Artem Avramenko Vega squadron std.png Vega Squadron
ruRussia zZicon small.png Revolver Pavel Belov Vega squadron std.png Vega Squadron
ruRussia pPicon small.png Roll Sergey Moroz 3DClanlogo std.png 3D Clan


ID Name Position
Russia FUki Andrey Kirukin Manager
Russia kaby Vladislav Perchik Streamer
Russia Alex007 Alexey Trushlyakov Streamer
Russia SubZerO Yan Pyatrin Streamer

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