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Background Information
Name: Mohamed Fouad
Team: None
Sponsor: None
Race: Zerg
Nicknames: Verax, Ruki, Rukiax
Country: Sweden Sweden
Birthday: 1993-12-11
Video archive:
H2O/PMS as trial

Mohamed "Verax" Fouad is a Swedish Zerg.


Verax used to be a former World of Warcraft player that was active during 2007-2011 and was mostly known for being one of the top 13 retribution paladins during The Wrath of the Lich King in europe. During that time Verax was known as Rukiax/Ruki. Verax quit WoW a couple of months after Cataclysm´s release. Verax joined up with z33k[1] to become an admin on 28th may 2011. Around 15-25th June Verax became a Prime Admin (main admin) for Simply Silver [2]. After about 20 weeks Entosis replaced Verax in the Simply Silver tournament. (Verax was transferred to other tournaments) July 6th 2011 Verax and SushiSekai created a new z33k tournament called European Pro Series. Verax is currently the leader of European Pro Series while Surreal[3] is his support admin for the tournament. On the 2nd of August 2011 Verax got promoted to the Eu Community Tournament Manager [4]. About the same time Verax became the head admin for the z33k Eu Shiny Daily´s [5]. 20th August Verax started to admin on the MBL - Megumixbear League. [6]

Wings of Liberty



Date Event Result
2011-06-10 Platinum Tribe #28 [7] Zerg Verax 2 : 0 Terran BigPaulieH
Date Event Result
2011-06-11 Golden Age cup #10[8] Zerg cantdance 2 : 0 Protoss Verax
2011-08-17 H2O Gold/Platinum Weekly #1[9] Zerg surhorse 3 : 1 Protoss Verax
2011-12-13 Platinum Tribes #17[10] Terran Pachelor 2 : 1 Protoss Verax


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