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Player Information
Name: Robert William Switts
Birth: October 4, 1990 (1990-10-04) (age 23)
Country: USA USA
Race: Zerg
Team: FXOpen e-Sports
Alternate IDs: FXOSirRobin, aiRsiRobin, FoXx, SirRobin
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Team aiR, Team HRG

Robbie "SirRobin" Switts is an American Zerg player, currently playing for FXOpen e-Sports


Robbie Switts is an upcoming professional gamer from Atlanta, GA. His alias "SirRobin" was inspired by the character in his favorite comedy, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Robbie began his competitive Starcraft II career the summer of 2011. He attends Georgia Southern University and is currently a senior. SirRobin is the founder of the Georgia Southern Starcraft II Club and their CSL team.

In November 2012, SirRobin joined FXOpen e-Sports

WoL Achievements

Wings of Liberty
Date Event Result
2012-05-10 Beyond Gaming WCS Qualifier Gold.png Zicon small.png SirRobin 4 : 2 Picon small.png Caliber
2012-06-08 WCS USA Nationals 33rd-48th
2011-01-07 Battle n Brew January 2012 Bronze.png Zicon small.png SirRobin 2 : 0 Picon small.png Future
2010-07-11 Battle n Brew July 2011 Gold.png Zicon small.png SirRobin 2 : 0 Picon small.png Future

HOTS Achievements

Heart of the Swarm
Date Event Result
2013-04-20 Z33k HOTS IMBAcoaching $55 Open Gold.png Zicon small.png SirRobin 2 : 0 Zicon small.png Tefel
2013-04-21 Royal Gaming $50 HOTS Weekly Gold.png Zicon small.png SirRobin 3 : 2 Ticon small.png ZiA


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