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Peter "Lucoda" Healy is a Zerg player from Ireland, currently playing for London Conspiracy.

Player Information
Name: Peter Healy
Birth: 07/09/97
Country: Ireland Ireland
Race: Zerg
Team: London Conspiracy
Sponsor: Shogun Bros, Infused Hosting, Hitbox, Visualize Media, Rhino Sports Wear, Hauppauge.
Alternate IDs: LucoxP, Lucoda
Nicknames: The Rebel Zerg.
Website Stream YouTube Channel Twitter
2012-09-?? - 2013-02-??

2013-05-?? - 2013-07-??

2013-08-16 - 2013-09-15

2013-09-15 - 2014-03-16

2014-03-19 - ????-??-??


Peter "Lucoda" Healy is a 16 year old Irish Zerg player. Starting to play the game in 2011, he instantly fell in love with the game and began to rise the ranks in ladder.

Peter played video games quite casually up until 2009 when he started to get known within the Call of Duty scene. He played lot's of casual games for fun. Loves Rugby and Sailing as well as Starcraft.

He is known for his Mutalisk play, harassing his opponent constantly and making them feel overall uncomfortable. He has a range of builds, practising in custom games nearly more than ladder with his practice partners and team mates.

One of his nicknames is "The Rebel Zerg" This is to do with his home county (Cork) being nicknamed "The Rebel County" and his race being Zerg.

Wings of Liberty

Although starting the game quite late, Lucoda managed to get picked up by LBNT in September 2012. He played in a lot of their cups and when they decided to make a gaming team, Lucoda was the first player they asked. He preformed very well in all of their clan wars, often beating players that were a lot higher ranked than him.

Contrary to the meta for Zerg in the ZvP match up of Infestor Broodlord, Lucoda started playing very Mutalisk heavy and had an absurd ZvP win rate. This was before pro players like Nestea started to do it in the GSL. He would mass up to 50-60 Mutalisks behind a spine wall and force a base race.

Lucoda also played very Mutalisk/Zergling/Baneling orientated towards the end of Wings of Liberty in the ZvT match up as opposed to the common Infestor Broodlord Corrupter.

After LBNT disbanded in early 2013, Lucoda headed into Heart of the Swarm as a teamless player.

Heart of the Swarm

Lucoda was picked up by Karnage eSports to play in their academy roster shortly after the release of Heart of the Swarm. After the academy of Karnage Esports split up in July of 2013, Lucoda was picked up by Pulse Esports on the 16th of August the same year. This motivated Lucoda to play more and more and he started to preform a lot better in online cups around this stage. Pulse merged with Love Your Girlfriend in mid September. Since then, Lucoda has been playing as part of their Academy roster.

Towards the end of 2013, Lucoda started making a mark in the scene in small ways. In the n00b c0n 2013 1,000 euro winner takes all tournament, Lucoda came fifth. This tournament included players like Elfi, ABomB, Serral, Protosser, Krass and many more. 2014 was looking to be a good year for Lucoda at the rate he was improving.

On the 31st of January 2014, Lucoda played for his team, LYGF in an Academy clan war vs the A team of Team Gravity. Lucoda played against Gravity Baldwin, a top 16 GM NA Zerg player at the time. Baldwin had won the first game of the clan war, so the score was 1-1. Lucoda beat Baldwin to tie the score 1-1, but unfortunately he lost to Gravity Trace in the next game.

On the 15th of Feburary, Lucoda competed in week two of The Irish Fight Club. He played in the qualifier and went undefeated to qualify to take on SHODAN, the second best Irish player at the time. Unfortunately he lost 5-1 against SHODAN.

On the 16th of March, Team Love Your Girlfriend disbanded meaning that Lucoda was a free agent. Lucoda was then picked up by London Conspiracy later that month.

Lucoda's Coaching Corner

Lucoda has always enjoyed coaching and giving back to the community. In addition to random coaching give-aways on Twitter, Lucoda also runs a bi-monthly educational series for Zergs called Lucoda's Coaching Corner which allows a randomly-selected fan to receive a free lesson from Lucoda on a topic of the player's choice. These videos are then edited and finally uploaded to YouTube for the community's benefit. In his own words,



  • Has a notebook with all his range of builds in it by his side when playing the game at all times.
  • Plays and watches Rugby in his spare time and does a bit of sailing.
  • Uses variations of his favorite Zerg players builds (Jaedong, Life, Leenock, Scarlett, Snute, Hyun, DongRaeGu.)
  • Favourite unit is the Mutalisk.


Heart of the Swarm

Miscellaneous Lessons


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