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[e][h]Impressive Play
Team Information
Terrance "iPTunK" Keller
Daniel "iPHyu" Lee
Team Captain:
Scott "iPAmandil" Bailey
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Protoss 8
Terran 4
Zerg 4
Random 0


Team Impressive Play (iP) is an international team that was started in 2010 with Starcraft II, and currently has divisions within the following games:

  • Starcraft II
  • Call Of Duty
  • Halo
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Team iP (formally GMMA) was formed by Terrance "TunK" about a month after the release of Starcraft II. From the beginning, his goal was to build a professional team in a stable and community oriented manner. Over the past few years, we have grown into one of the premier semi-pro teams. They have participated in many community initiated projects, such as Z33K, Playhem, and TeamLiquid. They have competed in and organized many tournaments and leagues since the release of Starcraft II, including Playhem, ESEA, Legion, SCLNA, ViP, SC2Tour, and MLG. During 2011, they were able to send a player to every MLG event. Team iP has a rich history of representing at MLG's and other NA events. Expect to see growth in skill and results from our players.





Player Roster[edit]

A Team[edit]

ID Name
USA Zerg Amandil Scott Bailey
USA Terran MeFTW Karlo Coloso
USA Protoss SethN Seth Newman


ID Name
USA Terran ZeuS Dan Yoshida
Colombia Zerg Bellini Cody Kirkland
USA Zerg Khan Karlo Coloso
Venezuela Terran Kloc Ryan Kirby
Canada Terran Mindstate
Costa Rica Protoss Andi
USA Protoss IcedTea
USA Zerg Ajax
USA Terran TwentyOneJ
Canada Terran CHOMP


ID Name Position
USAUSA ZZerg TunK Terrance Keller Manager
USAUSA ZZerg Hyu Daniel Lee Co-Manager
USAUSA ZZerg TheBatman Bryce Pearce Recruitment Manager
USAUSA PProtoss SuperSlinK Rob Greene Caster
USAUSA TTerran Alien Joshua Loreto Tournament Director
USAUSA TTerran TDog Trevor Kay Graphic Designer

Team Achievements[edit]

ID Name 2012
USAUSA PProtoss iPSuperSlinK Rob Greene 136+ MLG

Highlight Videos[edit]


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