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Infinity Gaming
Team Information
Manager: InfMorse
Team Captain: InfVampyWorm (NA: Masters- Grandmasters)

Atlas (NA: Plat - Diamond)
Man (NA: Bronze- Gold)
Lucwasbeer (EU: Plat- Masters)

Sponsor: ,
link=Infinity Gaming
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


Protoss 21Terran 23Zerg 27Random 4
Created: 2011-11-01

As a community driven organization, Infinity Gaming emphasizes on providing opportunities to its members with the goal of growing and developing into better gamers. These opportunities stem from connecting competitive and casual gamers together to play games, discuss strategy, practice, compete, relax, and enjoy the eSports scene.


January 2011 – April 2012.[1]

Infinity Gaming began in January 11, 2011 under the name Clan Infinity by a guy named Jay. It began as simply seven guys who enjoyed playing Starcraft 2 with each other. The next day Clan Infinity hosted their first series of in house tournaments. This was run by Jay and his second hand man Tbone. The Monday Massive became the first regularly scheduled tournament held by Clan Infinity and was open to all leagues.

In mid-January Jay opened up the first of many websites. This website was hosted at and currently is closed, retaining no information except for the original banner used by Clan Infinity. TeamSpeak and Ventrilo servers were also created. The clan switched back and forth between the two multiple times before settling with TeamSpeak.

Clan Infinity began hosting clan wars versus other clans starting January 20th. This match was against Relentless Heroes where they lost 0-4. However two weeks later there would be a rematch and Clan Infinity would win easily. Around this time Clan Infinity also started putting more focus into their tournaments setting Freeze, GDI, and Tbone up to cast their first one of many.

February is when Clan Infinity became to look much more like what we have today. The first serious clan meeting took place early in the month to determine how they would account for growth. They decided to set up four departments that would handle their own pieces; The Department of The Elite Team, The Department of Marketing and Promotions, The Department of Recruiting, and The Department of Tournaments. This allowed Zergling began his recruitment spree and helped over 500 new members get introduced into the exploding new clan. It also set the stage for Peanut to overhaul the tournament structure introducing Clan Infinity Gaming Tournaments which paid out over $1000 in its lifetime.

In early May Clan Infinity became the second largest Starcraft 2 clan in the western world behind Team Liquid. Yet not everything would be well and dandy. Shortly after the leader was accused of stealing from the clan and Riconidoc became the new leader. This caused some drama and Clan Infinity was forced to take a step back. Luckily new member, BigJ was willing to help in any way possible.

BigJ and others influenced by his passion began a push for a better Clan Infinity. This allowed for the addition of multiple new teams added, many site host changes in search of a better option until the current one was chosen, and an overhaul of the departments which would last for many months. Inspired by the rapid growth of Clan Infinity Torch made a video montage for all the members which can be found here.

During June and July the site focused on the team aspect while a few members like BigJ kept the community running strong. In June Clan Infinity would challenge their first semi-professional, vVv, team to a clan war but lose. They also entered their first major team tournament, ESEA.

September 5, 2011 Clan Infinity underwent its biggest change. Clan Infinity merged with Team Excess and AzZyLum took over the team structure. This caused the separation of two separate powers within the clan. Team Infinity and Clan Infinity, which would later be lead lead by BigJ, was formed under a greater name for the entire organization, Infinity Gaming.

January 2012 was set to be the beginning of a year of changes. A new logo and homepage was put into play as well as a complete forum restructure, department re-elections, and many other minor changes. These changes seemed to be minor considering the changes occurring with the team however. January second Team Infinity started their first official professional Starcraft 2 Team. This team was set to compete in high level tournaments and represent Infinity Gaming on a level never seen before. The roster included AlexCMoi (Masters Terran), InfinityTTF (Masters Protoss, now Grand Master), Devour (Grand Master Zerg), and Stevo (Grand Master Protoss).

Somehow that still wasn't enough. On January 13, Team Infinity became a super power. The newly created pro team merged with one of the greatest amateur teams since Brood War, LaG.TT to become InfLaG.TT. This team dominated many clan wars and tournaments. This made the pro team grow in popularity to a point that it started to overwhelm Clan Infinity. As the two halves started to separate from each other some confusion between the differences between he two started to set in.

A few days earlier on January 9, Harbinger announced something that would shake the entire Infinity Gaming community, in more ways than one. He started what planned to be an Infinity vs Pros series. This series would pin one member from Infinity Gaming against a professional Starcraft 2 player in a best of seven series for $100. The first pro Infinity would face was Alexey 'White-Ra' Krupnyk.

The setup to find the player was simply holding massive tournaments on each server (NA and EU) until a total of eight players were left. These players would square off in an eight person tournament to decide the top player in Infinity Gaming. For the first time, since the very beginning Infinity Gaming would not open up a tournament to the greater outside Starcraft 2 community. AlexCMoi would eventually win and square off against WhiteRa; where he lost 2-4. This tournament began January 13, the same day as the latest merger.

When a member from LaG.TT was entered into the tournament the community was instantly divided in half over whether or not that it was right for that player to join the tournament. Arguments ensued over this hot topic and in the end BigJ and his second in power, DarkDaddy, left Infinity Gaming. Shortly after Riconidoc was forced to take a leave of absence due to some personal issues in his life. AzZyLuM would be left in charge Infinity Gaming.

As unrest set in AzZyLuM realized something needed to be done. January 20, 2012 became a very pivotal point for Infinity Gaming. AzZyLuM, with help from Outlaw, held the largest clan meeting on TeamSpeak ever where around 30-50 members took part throughout the night. Everyone stated their thoughts on old matters and discussed options moving forward. Voting was opened up for all departments and each department became filled with new, excited, and driven members. After everything that had just happened, Infinity Gaming was finally starting to look up.

Yet not everything was as well as it seemed. On February 7, 2012 the unthinkable happened. The site and TeamSpeak server had been taken offline and hysteria ensued. The site would stay down for over three weeks. Yet our Starcraft 2 chat channel remained incredibly active. Pandora set up a new TeamSpeak server to serve Infinity Gaming members in the meantime as well. The community was still together.

Jerome and GazerBeam contacted Riconidoc about setting the site back up in hopes to restart Infinity Gaming. On February 29, this wish was answered with the Infinity Gaming forums back up. Jerome and GazerBeam would be the new leaders for the site. Realizing all data other than member posts had been lost from the site the two needed some help. They reached out and brought on two more members to help lead the community; Pandora and TechFour.

During the next few months the four of them pushed hard to recreate everything they once had, though this time under a new concept. Infinity Gaming would be about the community first and every decision made would be made in the best interest of the community. They decided that leaders needed to be community members first and fourth most in order to lead the community properly. A mission statement was written to protect this agreement.

The four leaders agreed upon three main goals upon rebuilding the community. The decided they needed to keep current members informed with all the changes occurring and continuously show that everything is moving in the right direction. The decided they needed to upgrade the forums and homepage not only to the standard it once had but push past that. The new infrastructure needed to be both better looking, and more user friendly than the previous. And lastly they decided they were going to need to recruit many new members and re-recruit old members that wandered off during the site down time.

Many changes occurred to the forums and clan setup between February and April 2012. This included a full restructure of the forums January 30, a new skin installed and fully operational March 7, a restructure of the application process March 9, and the new website going live April 19. Many teams were established as well.

SC2 Leadership NA

ID Name Position
USAUSA terranTerran Jerome Jerome L. Community Leader
USAUSA terranTerran InfMorse Christopher M. Community Leader
USAUSA zergZerg TechFour Andy M. Community Leader
USAUSA protossProtoss InfVampyWorm Richie G. SC2 A-Team Captain
USAUSA ZergZerg Herbmon SC2 A-Team Lieutenant
CACanada terranTerran Atlas SC2 Academy-Team Captain
USAUSA ProtossProtoss Daniel SC2 Academy-Team Lieutenant
USAUSA terranTerran Man SC2 B-Team Captain
USAUSA zergZerg Whitesabre SC2 B-Team Lieutenant
USAUSA terranTerran Izanagi Head of Casting

SC2 A-Team

ID&cc Name Position
USAUSA ProtossProtoss InfVampyWorm. Richie G. Team Captain
USAUSA ZergZerg Herbmon SC2 A-Team Lieutenant
USAUSA TerranTerran Spec '
USAUSA ProtossProtoss MumboJumbo '
USAUSA TerranTerran AsongE '
USAUSA TerranTerran WindowCurtin SC2 A-Team Lieutenant
USAUSA ZergZerg Dream '
USAUSA ProtossProtoss Coreylee '
USAUSA TerranTerran Orange '
USAUSA ProtossProtoss Nerrz '
USAUSA ProtossProtoss CrusadeR '
USAUSA TerranTerran Youki '
USAUSA ZergZerg eFeKZ '
USAUSA TerranTerran AceGeneral '
USAUSA ZergZerg EmzeeShady '

A-Team Clan War Roster

ID Name 2012 2013
USUSA ZergZerg Spec Yang Yeh Y- Y-
USUSA TerranTerran WindowCurtin Y- Y-
USUSA ProtossProtoss MumboJumbo Y- Y-
KRSouth Korea TerranTerran AsongE Y- Y-
USUSA ZergZerg Emzeeshady Jonny S. Y- Y-
USUSA ZergZerg Dream Austin Y- Y-
USUSA ProtossProtoss Ukko Y- Y-
USUSA ZergZerg Herbmon Shawn Maddens Y- Y-
USUSA TerranTerran jiyoung Y- Y-
USUSA TerranTerran Kingdom Andrew Habig Y- Y-


ID Name New Team
caCanada pProtoss TubbyTheFat Jay Martens Infinity Seven Infinity Seven
CACanada TTerran AlexCMoi Team Killing Spree Team Killing Spree

SC2 Academy-Team (Plat-Diamond)

ID&cc Name Position
CACanada TerranTerran Atlas Team Captain
USAUSA ProtossProtoss Daniel SC2 Academy-Team Lieutenant
USAUSA TerranTerran Spamnub SC2 Academy-Team Lieutenant
USAUSA TerranTerran Xilent '
USAUSA ProtossProtoss sixtyapm '
USAUSA RandomRandom Wokao '
USAUSA ZergZerg Details '
USAUSA ZergZerg Joab '
USAUSA ZergZerg PrimeWorm '
USAUSA ZergZerg Pop '
USAUSA ProtossProtoss Archy '
USAUSA ZergZerg Synergy '

SC2 Leadership EU

ID&cc Name Position
NLNetherlands ProtossProtoss Lucwasbeer.942 Luc W. EU Team Captain
NLNetherlands ProtossProtoss Dracorath EU Lt.
NLNetherlands ZergZerg thenovelist.925 Noël S. EU Lt.

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  1. [1], This history was written during Infinity Gaming's Great Refomation
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