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[e][h]RaceIcon Random.png Schnitzel
Player Information
Mikael Koch
January 1, 1995 (1995-01-01) (age 22)
Alternate IDs:
[eCKo]Schnitzel, ToRSchnitzel, QEDSchnitzel
2013-08-30 - Present

Mikael "Schnitzel" Koch is a Protoss player from Australia currently playing for Ecko Esports.


Heart of the Swarm[edit]

After being relatively quiet throughout the course of Wings of Liberty, Schnitzel started making a splash in the SEA scene with the release of Heart of the Swarm. Schnitzel participated in the 2013 ACL Pro Season 1 online qualifiers. In the first online qualifier, Schnitzel went straight out after loses to MaFia and South. He didn't much luck in the second online qualifier either, losing in straight sets again to MaxBest and tgun. Despite the set backs, Schnitzel attended the Open Bracket in Gold Coast. In his first match he lost to German player Teddy 1-2. In the losers bracket, Schnitzel managed to win 2 series before going down to Rossi 0-2, eliminating him from the event. Schnitzel also attempted to qualify for 2013 ACL Pro Season 2 within the online qualifiers. However he was unable to advance far enough to qualify for the group stage.

Schnitzel had more luck however in online tournaments. After consistently placing with the Top 8 of pX Weeklies, Schnitzel joined Ecko Esports. Shortly afterwards, Schnitzel managed to qualify for the PXL Season 1 Pro League with fellow teammate Probe. Placed in Group D alongside Kez, Lobo and up-and-coming Protoss Arze, Schnitzel had a difficult group to navigate out of. Unfortunately, it proved too difficult at the time, with Schnitzel coming last with a 0-4 result, dropping to the PXL Season 1 Amateur League.

During this time, Schnitzel was not disheartened, and with his hard work and dedication, managed to qualify for 2013 ACL Pro Season 3 Group Stage in Sydney. Being placed in Group C with players like mOOnGLaDe, KingkOng, and Myuu, Schnitzel had a tough group. After the inclusion of Kez and snexwang from the Open Bracket, it was evident that Schnitzel's PvZ prowess would be tested. Schnitzel played really well, coming close to taking a game of mOOnGLaDe, however was down 0-3 in series. Schnitzel finished in 4th place of his group after beating both Kez and snexwang by a 2-0 score, missing out on a place in the Pro Bracket by one win.