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Team Information
Elsemiek "Els" Jager
Shinya "sugeo" Tamaoka
Player Breakdown
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Type Gaming, previously Type II Gaming, was a professional StarCraft 2 team with headquarters in Germany and a training house based in the North Rhine-Westphalia region, a strategic location that allowed easy access to the TakeTV House, ESL, IEM as well as other events and LANs throughout Europe.



  • October 5, Type II Gaming's creation is announced with an initial player roster of Sun, ReaL, PhoeNix, and DBS managed by Lex and TaKe.[1]


  • January 1, Two Japanese players, nemuke and PSiArc, join the team. Holmes Place is announced as a new sponsor. The team is renamed to Type Gaming.[2]
  • January 5, Type announces a partnership with European eSports organization Vitriolic Gaming, to become Type.Vitriolic.[3][4]
  • January 27, NarutO joins the team after leaving mTw.[5]
  • February, The partnership with Vitriolic Gaming falls through, and the team reverts to being Type Gaming.
  • March 14, Another two Japanese players, ENZA and breek, join the team.[6][7]
  • March 18, SaltTheWound joins the team after leaving ESC ICYBOX.[8]
  • April 1, JeeF joins the team as Team Manager.[9]
  • June 27, ENZA leaves Type Gaming.[10]
  • July 8, breek departs from Type Gaming and retires from competitive Starcraft 2 to concentrate on his college studies.
  • July 30, PhoeNix leaves the team.[11]
  • August 8, ReaL leaves the team.[12]
  • August 9, SaltTheWound leaves the team.[13]
  • October 14, Lex announces the closure of Type Gaming.[14]

Player Roster[edit]

Roster at the time of disbandment[edit]

ID Name 2010 2011 2012 New Team
JapanJapan TTicon small.png nemuke Daigo Ozaki - 41 - 48th Electronic Sports World Cup 2011 -
JapanJapan TTicon small.png PSiArc Naohiro Nishimura - - - Detonationlogo std.png DetonatioN Gaming


ID Name New Team
GermanyGermany TTicon small.png DBS Thorsten Seifert Inactive
GermanyGermany TTicon small.png NarutO Silvano Bovo Mymlogo std.png Meet Your Makers
GermanyGermany ZZicon small.png SaltTheWound Bastian Brouwers Blight GamingLogo filler std.png Blight Gaming
krSouth Korea PPicon small.png ReaL Oh Jin Sil Ailogo std.png Alien Invasion
krSouth Korea ZZicon small.png PhoeNix Jeon Young Sik Mymlogo std.png Meet Your Makers
JapanJapan ZZicon small.png breek Taiki Kobayashi Retired
krSouth Korea PPicon small.png Sun Jung Tae Hyun ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
JapanJapan PPicon small.png ENZA Senzaki Toshikazu LD50 GamingLogo filler std.png LD50 Gaming


ID Name Position
France Lex Alexis Susset Vice President
Netherlands Els Elsemiek Jager Vice President
Japan sugeo Shinya Tamaoka Japan Team Manager
Germany mOps Maria Editor


ID Name Position New Team
deGermany TTicon small.png TaKe Dennis Gehlen Team Manager Alternatelogo std.png Team ALTERNATE
GermanyGermany ZZicon small.png JeeF Felix Jedelhauser Team Manager Mvplogo std.png MVP