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  • Galaxy Map Editor - The official map editor
  • Replay Websites - Allow analysis of matches and the state of the way the game is played.
  • PDT Build Order Simulator Develop build order visually using drag & drop
  • Sc2Gears
    • MMR Stats - A Sc2gears plugin to calculate your match making rating.
  • Scelight - The Successor of SC2Gears
  • SCFusion - build order developer/optimizer
  • SC2NetInfo - helps figure out whether drops/lags are caused due to SC2 using TCP over UDP
  • StreamPrivacy - Allows streamers to hide selected windows from their stream.
  • SC2 / XSplit Scene Switcher - Allows streamers to set automatic scene changes on XSplit triggered by SC2 events.
  • Build Order Notebook - Allows storing and searching through build orders by race, match-up and description.
  • SC2 Scrapbook - Shows build orders on your gameplay screen in StarCraft, for easy copying.
  • SC2ReplayHandler - Automatically Rename/Copy/Move Replays based on Game Information.
  • GGreplayz - Turns your replays into FPvods(First person videos on demand) and automatically uploads them to YouTube
  • SCFusion to SC2 Scrapbook converter - Converts a generated SCFusion build to SC Scrapbook format.
  • Snute's Click Game - Precision trainer and stress management in a simple package. It is downloadable but limited to 1920x1080.