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This article is for the Legacy of the Void multiplayer version. For the Heart of the Swarm version, see Thor (Heart of the Swarm). For the Wings of Liberty version, see Thor (Wings of Liberty).
[e][h]Terran Thor
Unit Information
Ground Unit
Built From:
Minerals 300 Gas 200 Game Speed 43 Supply 6
Ground Attack:
30 (+3) (x2)
Ground DPS:
65.9 (+6.59)
Air Attack:
6 (+1) (x4) (Splash) (Explosive)
35 (+3) (High Impact)
Air DPS:
11.2 (+1.87) (Explosive)
16.3 (+1.4) (High Impact)
+6 (+1) vs Light Air (Explosive)
+15 (+2) vs Armored Air (High Impact)
Bonus DPS:
+11.2 (+1.87) vs Light Air
+7 (+0.93) vs Armored Air (High Impact)
7 (Ground)
10 (Air)
0.91 (Ground)
2.14 (Air)
400 Armor 1 (+1)
Cargo Size:
Strong against:
Weak against:


The Thor is a Massive Terran walking Gun-Battery with monstrous Spike Ground damage and a priority Ground-to-Air attack. Can be built from a Factory with a Tech Lab. The Thor is one of the most powerful units in the game (in terms of health and damage), dealing 60 (30x2) damage per ground attack and 24 (+24 vs light air units) damage with a 0.5 range AoE and air units tend to clump up at the end of an attack command.

The high health, and the ability to be repaired by SCVs, make Thors very difficult to kill; this can give a one base rush or two base attack the other Factory unit that is high health and mineral only, the Hellbat (see Thor weaknesses). Thor have an issue with low health units like Marines, Zerglings and Workers that the attack animation for two attacks will fire even if the first shot killed the target and always prioritizes air units (an Overlord for example); because of these two issues (and the size of the unit) this unit is not recommended in high numbers.


In Legacy of the Void, High Impact Payload was initially removed, and Explosive Payload was active by default. But both modes were re-added in Patch 3.3.0.

Cooldown: 2.86
Hotkey: E
Activates the Thor's 250mm Punisher Cannons, which strike a single air target for heavy damage.
Cooldown: 2.86
Hotkey: D
Arms the Thor's Javelin missile launchers, which deal splash damage to nearby air units and additional damage to Light units.

Competitive Usage

In General

Thors are one of the best support units in StarCraft II, using their massive Ground DPS and anti-air range to support the units up front. The Thor's high HP count also lets them stand in front of the army, acting as a barrier for more fragile units, such as the Siege Tank. The Thor is not very cost effective when faced with many units. Massed units like the Marauder and Zergling can cost-efficiently take Thors down. However, the Thor's effectiveness increases significantly with Weapon and Armor upgrades.

The Thor is primarily used as an anti-air support unit. With its Explosive Payload anti-air attack, it forces the opponent to spread their air units or suffer large amounts of splash damage. One of the advantages of flying units is that they have no unit collision, and can stack on top of each other for maximum DPS density. By forcing the opponent's air units to spread out, they can be more easily handled by Marines or other single-target anti-air units.

Vs. Protoss

Thors have begun seeing more and more use against Protoss, particularly by Swedish Pro Gamer ThorZaIN, who used Thors to great effect as a staple unit against NonY. All-ins featuring the Thor with SCV repairs are fairly strong. Late game vs Protoss, however, it becomes difficult to find good engagements with mass Thors. The Thors have a tendency to clump up in chokes, and the Immortal's smaller size allows it to quickly form a better concave, the immediate burst damage of the Immortal will tear through the front Thors. Therefore, if a Terran player is using Thors as a staple unit, they are advised to supplement with Ghosts to EMP the entire Protoss army, and then attack using the Thor to finish the Protoss army.

With the removal of its energy-based ability and it no longer having energy, the Thor is slightly more viable against Protoss due to it no longer being a target for Feedback.

Vs. Terran

Thors can play an important role in TvT, as they both complement your own tank force while drawing fire from the opponent's Tanks. Because Thors are so large, they effectively reduce the splash damage from the opponent's Tanks, while easily focus firing them down. Thors can provide anti-air support for Tanks in case of a Banshee transition. Thors struggle with Bio units, especially the Marauder. In this case, Marines and Hellions can complement the Thor.

Vs. Zerg

The Thor's extreme range and splash damage against light air units makes them very effective as anti-Mutalisk support, even if only a handful are present on the battlefield. However, proper control of Mutalisks (moving them over the Thor rather than using attack-move or targeted attack, to prevent them from bunching up) can greatly reduce the damage Thors can do to Mutalisks. The Thor's vastly superior range is excellent for scoring free hits against a Mutalisk attack AND retreat (making every harass decision extremely costly), but they should not be your sole air defense against Mutalisks. Due to the sheer number of Mutalisks spawned in HoTS, Thors have seen a drop in use against Mutalisks.

Furthermore, Thors serve a heavy/anti-air support role in a build which consists of Marauders/Hellions/Thors to make a push that provides a strong match-up against a Zerg's midgame unit composition of Zerglings/Roaches/Banelings.



Thor's quotes (video and sound) - YouTube video.

Patch Changes


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