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[e][h]The eSports Association (TeSPA)
Company Information
Collegiate Gaming Organization
August 2011
Austin, Texas, USA
Key people:
Tyler Rosen (co-founder)
Adam Rosen (co-founder)


TeSPA (The eSports Association, previously Texas e-Sports Association) is the largest network of student gaming groups in North America.[Citation needed] Founded in August 2010, TeSPA aims to bring together competitive gamers of all backgrounds to play, improve, and compete. TeSPA was originally started to bring together the StarCraft II players at the University of Texas at Austin to participate in the Collegiate Starleague. Since then, TeSPA has expanded to include gamers of many genres. Today, TeSPA represents the University of Texas at Austin within the Collegiate StarLeague and IvyLoL leagues in StarCraft II and League of Legends respectively.

What TeSPA is most well known for are the StarCraft II tournaments it hosts. In hosting these tournaments, TeSPA has gained nationwide attention. TeSPA's October 2011 Texas StarCraft Showdown, cast by iNcontroL, boasted a $3000 prize pool and attracted over one hundred player participants from 15 universities.

On campus, TeSPA regularly hosts large LAN events open to the public. At these LAN events, gamers are invited to come out and play their favorite games, whether PC and console, from StarCraft to Street Fighter. TeSPA frequently hosts Brawl, League of Legends, and StarCraft competitions at these LAN events.

StarCraft II Events Organised

Play with the Pros Charity Marathon
In August 2011, Texas e-Sports Association hosted the 'Play with the Pros' charity streaming marathon. The event was unique in that it provided the TeamLiquid.net community an opportunity to chose the charity to which the proceeds were donated (ultimately Doctors without Borders). Throughout the 24-hour event, viewers were given the opportunity to play with well-known players in a myriad of games from monobattles to 'Beat the Pro' 2v1s to micro tournaments. Major contributing teams include compLexity, Quantic, Reign, and Vile.


Lone Star Clash 2
In November 2012, TeSPA hosted another Lone Star Clash featuring StarCraft II and League of Legends. The StarCraft II portion of Lone Star Clash 2 featured the same 16-player pro invitation format as before. The event was cast by Day9, TotalBiscuit, and Axeltoss and emceed by Anna Prosser.

Lone Star Clash
In March 2012, TeSPA hosted its first global event. This tournament featured a 16-person pro player invitational and a 14-university collegiate team league. Lone Star Clash featured a week of content before the event and non-StarCraft show-matches during event downtime. The event was cast by MrBitter, RotterdaM, and Axeltoss and emceed by Rachel Quirico.

Texas StarCraft Showdown
In April 2011, TeSPA hosted its second tournament. This tournament featured a 128-person single-elimination bracket with online qualifiers from which 64 advanced to the live tournament. Improvements from the first iteration include an increased prize pool of $1500 and separate playing and spectating rooms. Upon entry, spectators received a booklet of 'Real-Life Achievements' to complete for raffled gaming gear from TteSports and games from NVIDIA. Players from 13 Texas universities attended, and the event was casted by iNcontroL. The top three finishers at the event were 1) State 2) iNkA 3) HeavOnEarth.

TeSPA Texas Open
In Spring 2011, TeSPA hosted a second tournament that featured a separate spectating room along with the player room. The tournament was another 64-person single-elimination bracket with double last tournament's prize pool at $1,500. The top three finishers at the event were 1) Hawk, 2) TriMaster, 3) Binski.

Texas Tournament #1
In November 2010, TeSPA hosted its first large-scale event. The 64-person tournament, hosted on the University of Texas at Austin campus, had a 64-person single-elimination bracket with a $700 prize pool. The event was hosted in a combined spectating/playing room. The top three finishers at the event were 1) StrifeCro, 2) ZpuX, 3) TriMaster.


Texas e-Sports Associations 2010-2011 organization T-shirt has been widely recognized in the StarCraft II community. Popularized by the Protoss player HuK, the shirt features the 'TeSPA Probie' harvesting minerals on the front and the organization name on the back. These shirts are currently out of print but may make a reappearance in the future.

Medals won per Race

Race Total
Zerg 4 1 2 7
Terran 0 3 2 5
Protoss 1 1 1 3

Medals won per Player


Zerg Stephano
Zerg StrifeCro  -  Zerg Hawk  -  Protoss State


Zerg ZpuX  -  Terran Trimaster  -  Protoss iNkA  -  Terran Polt  -  Terran Bomber


Terran Trimaster  -  Terran binski  -  Zerg HeavOnEarth  -  Zerg Sleep  -  Protoss CranK



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