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Team Italy
Team Information
Location: Italy Italy
Manager: LiFe
Team Captain: ClouD
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


Picon small.png 2Ticon small.png 3Zicon small.png 2Ricon small.png 0
Created: 2010-04-11

Team Italy is the National Team of Italy.


Team A[edit]

Team Italy was founded in the early period of StarCraft II beta, managed by Raudo as Team Leader and LiFe as orga. The first Nation War was played against the Czech Republic, were Italy lost in a close match, 2-3. Initially the National Team was composed by ClouD, Twister, rjT, PrO, LoZ as main Line Up until the release of StarCraft II where the team was totally recomposed cause of the bad results gained on the beta period. The new national team composed by StarEagle, JeaL, ClouD, ZyM and LiFe as Team Leader reached the 2nd place at the first European National War League and RO8 at ESL Country Championship 2012. Right now, Team Italy counts a profile with 19 Nation Wars won and just 7 lost.

Team B[edit]

The Team B was born a few months later the release, managed by TRIWalhalla and KaNoN, played the ENWL going out at the first group stage. Actually Italy B team is Managed by oSc.KaNoN and works as "hatchery" for the main National team. Italy B played the European National War League and was knocked out at groups.


Team Leader[edit]

ID Name Team
ItalyItaly ZZicon small.png LiFe Francesco Caforio Infernologo std.png inFerno eSports

Active Players[edit]

ID Name Team
ItalyItaly ZZicon small.png ZyM Michael Poli Infernologo std.png inFerno eSports
ItalyItaly TTicon small.png ClouD Carlo Giannacco Atnlogo std.png ALTERNATE
ItalyItaly TTicon small.png Maestro Massimiliano Vivi Old School ClanLogo filler std.png Old School Clan
ItalyItaly TTicon small.png StarEagle Maurizio Carioti Redbyteitalia std.png Team Redbyte Italia
ItalyItaly PPicon small.png JeaL Diego Sapienza Infernologo std.png inFerno eSports
ItalyItaly ZZicon small.png Evaner Giovanni Finizio
ItalyItaly PPicon small.png oRioN Lorenzo Cortesi Old School ClanLogo filler std.png Old School Clan

Nation Wars[edit]


  • Italy Italy 2-3 Czech Republic Czech Republic
  • Italy Italy 1-4 Norway Norway
  • Italy Italy 1-4 Croatia Croatia
  • Italy Italy 3-2 Spain Spain

European National War League[edit]

  • Italy Italy 5-0 Finland Finland (WO)
  • Italy Italy 1-4 France France
  • Italy Italy 3-2 Germany Germany
  • Italy Italy 4-1 Croatia Croatia

ENWL Quarter Finals

  • Italy Italy 3-0 Denmark Denmark

ENWL Semi Finals

  • Italy Italy 3-0 Spain Spain

ENWL Grand Final

  • Silver.png Italy Italy 0-5 Germany Germany Gold.png

Country Championship 2012[edit]

  • Italy Italy 4-1 Moldova Moldova
  • Italy Italy 4-1 Croatia Croatia
  • Italy Italy 1-4 Russia Russia
  • Italy Italy 4-1 Austria Austria
  • Italy Italy 3-2 Portugal Portugal

Country Championship 2012 Round of 16

  • Italy Italy 1-4 Finland Finland


  • Italy Italy 4-3 France France
  • Italy Italy 4-1 Austria Austria
  • Italy Italy 4-2 Norway Norway
  • Italy Italy 5-1 Spain Spain
  • Italy Italy 4-1 Italy Italy B
  • Italy Italy 2-3 Austria Austria
  • Italy Italy 3-2 Austria Austria
  • Italy Italy 5-1 Peru Peru
  • Italy Italy 5-2 South Korea Dream Team Gaming
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