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[e][h]Team Germany
Team Information
Felix "JeeF" Jedelhauser
Team Captain:
Lukas "Delphi" Hilgers
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Picon small.png 6
Ticon small.png 5
Zicon small.png 6

Team Germany is the national team of Germany.


Team Germany A[edit]

The GER-Team was founded in the early stages of beta. At that time, the headadmins of the German Brood War- and the German wc3/TFT-Squad decided to work together and start to build up a new "German-Team". Its headadmins back then were rine and Justy together with Take, TheLML and HDNeMeSiS. The first nationwar of Team Germay was on 6th of April 2010 vs the Ukraine. There they used a representative line-up of invited players from StarCraft: Brood War and Warcraft III TFT.

To get the national team started the administration invited on 19th of October 2010 5 players to the team: DarKFoRcE, GoOdy, HasuObs, Socke and inuh. Furthermore there was an inviteonly qualifier which was won by iVory, June, and Mardow. rine left the team after the nationwar against Sweden on 29th of October 2010.

On 8th of December Delphi joined the team to support GoOdy in his 2n2 games.

When TLO came back from his trip to Korea his status as honorary member was switched to active member.

On 21th of February kAra joined the team A Restart for Team Germany[1] to support Delphi in his 2n2 games against Cubert and Aristeo.

Insolence got the first Challenge to enter the A-Team on February 25th, he defeated Mardow 3-0.

On 23th of March 2011, Team Germany defeated Team Italy in the Nation Wars final 5-0.[1]

It was announced on November 27th that a completely new Ger-Team will be built in the next few month.[2] At this the moment there are no players in the team. The organisation decided to play only qualifiers to rebuild the new team and will work completely without any invites. Because of critic of the community the only-qualify-concept was thrown away, and 7 players got direct invited. the rest of 6 1v1 players and 4 2v2 players had to qualify. on February 4th, the new Team Germany was completed and published. [3]

Team Germany B[edit]

Team Germany B was founded in December 2010. To get it running the admistration invited 3 Players: Delphi, NarutO and Insolence. To get more players they host a total of 3 tourneys. Two tourneys to determine the 1n1 Players and one to determine the 2v2 Players. The first 1n1 Tournament was hosted in the end of December. Akki and Loco won it.

With the 27. November 2011 the German team B was cancelled. At this moment no team B exist.


  • Germany JeeF (Headmanager/Headorga)
  • Germany GUNdALF
  • Germany Justy
  • Germany romedap / Tjerra
  • Germany Careion
  • Germany HoNoR_
  • Germany TaKe (associate member)


Team Germany[edit]

(Current and former)

Player Name
Ticon small.png Germany GoOdy Sascha Lupp
Ticon small.png Germany NoXOuT Marvin Müller
Ticon small.png Germany Olajuwon
Picon small.png Germany Socke Giacomo Thüs
Picon small.png Germany HasuObs Dennis Schneider
Picon small.png Germany kAra Thomas Ciolak
Picon small.png Germany Pajo
Picon small.png Germany Fiasco
Picon small.png Germany Justify
Zicon small.png Germany Delphi Lukas Hilgers
Zicon small.png Germany XlorD Daniel Spenst
Zicon small.png Germany Duuke
Ticon small.png Germany GaeMtosS (2v2)
Ticon small.png Germany cryan (2v2) Matthias Knopp
Zicon small.png Germany aNAi (2v2)
Zicon small.png Germany Qgelfich (2v2)

Honored Members and records[edit]

Team Germany A[edit]

ID GP Record
GermanyGermany PPicon small.png HasuObs 2 2-0
GermanyGermany PPicon small.png Socke 6 4-2
GermanyGermany PPicon small.png Insolence 0 0-0
GermanyGermany TTicon small.png GoOdy 3 3-0
GermanyGermany TTicon small.png GoOdy (2v2 with Delphi) 4 4-0
GermanyGermany TTicon small.png inuh 2 0-2
GermanyGermany TTicon small.png June 2 1-1
GermanyGermany ZZicon small.png DarKFoRcE 4 1-3
GermanyGermany ZZicon small.png iVory 2 2-0
GermanyGermany ZZicon small.png TLO 5 4-1
GermanyGermany ZZicon small.png Delphi (2v2 with GoOdy) 4 4-0
GermanyGermany ZZicon small.png Delphi (2v2 with kAra) 1 0-1
GermanyGermany PPicon small.png kAra (2v2 with Delphi) 1 0-1

Note: Nationwars during beta are excluded

Team Germany B[edit]

ID GP Record
GermanyGermany ZZicon small.png Mardow 0-0
GermanyGermany ZZicon small.png Delphi 1 1-0
GermanyGermany ZZicon small.png Akki 1 0-1
GermanyGermany PPicon small.png Loco 0-0
GermanyGermany PPicon small.png Wilko 1 1-0
GermanyGermany TTicon small.png NarutO 0-0
GermanyGermany TTicon small.png Zero 1 0-1
GermanyGermany ZZicon small.png Punix (2v2 with noYc) 1 1-0
GermanyGermany PPicon small.png noYc (2v2 with Punix) 1 1-0


Team Germany A[edit]

Team Germany B[edit]