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[e][h]Team GamersLeague
Team Information
Mircea "Decemvre" Itu
Team Captain:
Richard "RiChY" Rørmar
Solo Achievements
HomeStory Cup VI
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Protoss 6
Terran 0
Zerg 2
Recent Player Trades:
2013-05-20 - Evire & saViOr joines


Team GamersLeague is a Norwegian multi-gaming organization, with Norways leading SC2 team created on the onset of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty by Zarotan.[1] GamersLeague had one of the best 2v2 teams in the world, Snute and RiChY placing top spots in the 2v2 ladder in addition to taking home several 2v2 cups. GamersLeague have had a stable lineup in Starcraft 2 and TrackMania while their teams in DotA 2, LoL and HoN has varied.



  • July 27, Team GamersLeague is mentioned for the first time on the official home page.[2]
  • August 15, The teams roster is officially announced. Players include MeltZy, Thorgrim, and Farewell.[3]
  • September 7, Knutzi and Skruf join Team GamersLeague.[4]
  • September 28, Team Norway beats Austria in a nation war. Five out of the six players representing Norway stems from Team GamersLeague.[5]
  • November 3, Norway enters Europe Nation War League (ENWL). Most A-teamers and some B-teamers belongs to the GamersLeague roster.[6]
  • November 28, Team GamerLeague wins division 5A of SC2 Clan League with 60-3 in score difference and a clean 11-0 in matches.[7]


  • January 28, TeamGamerLeagues most known player, Skruffy, leaves the team for Team Lions.[8]
  • February 15, the site,, changes language from Norwegian to English to make it more accessible to foreign fans.[9]
  • February 16, a Germany sporting players such as Socke, HasuObs and TLO barely manages to knock out Team Norway in ro8 of ENWL.[10]
  • February 25, Team GamersLeague starts a one year sponsor deal with Coca Cola Norway. The first act as a sponsored team is to send three players to the RedByte event in Italy.[11]
  • March 6, Team GamersLeague and Team DeathWish (DW) will from now on be co-operating side by side, with Deathwish running the 'First Person Shooter' genre and Gamersleague running the 'Real Time Strategy'. GL thereby recruits its first foreign player, Finland Terran Cast.[12]
  • March 14, Snute and RiChY win Redbytes 2v2 tournament, taking home €2 000.[13]
  • March 18, the first Norwegian qualifier for The Gathering 2011 takes place. Four out of eight qualifiers represents Team GamersLeague.[14]
  • May 14, four new recruits: the teams first female player linZEY joins with sadface, BiOhAzArD; and former Team GamersLeague & Lions member Skruffy rejoin Team GamersLeague. Thorgrim and Cast resign.[15]


  • Eiki joins gamersleague
  • Noticimus joins gamersleague
  • October 9, Skruffy leaves to join Aposis.[16]
  • 27. October, Eiki win GamersParadise 2012 while Snute places second. [17]
  • November 17, Shoon joins Team Gamersleague [18]


Player Roster at time of Dissolution[edit]



ID Name 2010 2011 2012 2013 New team
noNorway pProtoss Noticimus Nicolai Jacobsen 25 - 32nd World Championship Series
noNorway pProtoss RiChY () Richard Rørmark
noNorway pProtoss BiOhAzArD Michael MPB
noNorway pProtoss Evire Eirik Stensbøl Aposis Aposis Gaming
noNorway zZerg Scyther Morten Wiik Team BX3 Team BX3

Female Team[edit]

ID Name
dkDenmark zZerg MsCupCake Michelle Knudsen
noNorway pProtoss Siriuzh () Siri Hemmingby
noNorway tTerran Meduza Tori Almaas
deGermany pProtoss Sherazade Maika
noNorway zZerg Rumiko Charlotte
ukUnited Kingdom zZerg HayzeMH Victoria O'Connell
ieIreland tTerran Chicks Ciara Hicks
seSweden pProtoss Minneh Victoria Gustafsson


ID Name
noNorway zZerg HyDRAFucaZ
noNorway tTerran Farewell
noNorway pProtoss knutzi Kristian Knudsen
noNorway tTerran Seriously Mikal
noNorway pProtoss Coppii Kjetil K


ID Name New Team
noNorway pProtoss Eiki Eik Johannes Nysted Grødem Karnage eSports Karnage eSports
noNorway zZerg Kittentits
noNorway zZerg MeltZy Mattis Bjørgan Team BX3 Team BX3
noNorway tTerran ChakrA Einar Baumann NHC Esport NHC Esport
noNorway zZerg zUP Erlend Nygård
noNorway zZerg AutoLion
fiFinland tTerran Shoon Herman Lerviks
noNorway zZerg Snute Jens W. Aasgaard Team Liquid Team Liquid
noNorway zZerg Skruffy Vegard Tenold Aposis Aposis Gaming
noNorway zZerg Thorgrim Anders Holm
fiFinland tTerran Cast
noNorway tTerran Flames
noNorway pProtoss Metalon
noNorway pProtoss Luvz
noNorway zZerg CheesyJunk
noNorway pProtoss Inarion
TBD Trillebaard


ID Name Position
Norway Zarotan Kim-Erik Aanes CEO
Norway HoppeH Tom-Egil Fossåskaret COO
Romania Decemvre Mircea Itu Starcraft 2 Manager

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