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Team Exile5
Team Information
Location: Australia Australia
Team Captain: x5.Bard
Sponsor: Nvidia GeForce
Western Digital
CM Storm
Cooler Master
Website Twitter TLPD HotS TLPD International Aligulac
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


Picon small.png 3Ticon small.png 0Zicon small.png 4
Created: 2007-04-01


[edit] Overview

Team Exile5 (commonly abbreviated as 'x5'), formed in 2007, is a professional multi-gaming organisation based in Australia. Since then, x5 has grown into a leading eSports organisation with 5 major financial sponsors; Nvidia GeForce, Western Digital, Cooler Master and CM Storm. The organisation is growing and helping to promote the eSports industry, especially in Australia.

[edit] History

Team Exile5's first foray into Starcraft II was picking up Team Mastermind, a small Australian-based clan, in 2012. Within six months there were only two members of the original team remaining. x5 then focused on rebuilding their squad by picking up 2012 WCS Australian Champion Jared "PiG" Krensel, to its ranks.

[edit] 2012

  • August 6th, the Team Exile5 Starcraft II division is formed from Team Mastermind members[1]

[edit] 2013

  • February 24th, PiG, formerly of Tt eSports, joins x5[2]
  • April 13th, Doombie from Breaking Bronze joins x5[3]
  • June 27th, MegaFonzie and NXZ join x5 [4]
  • August 7th, Stormz and Armi join x5 [5]

[edit] 2014

[edit] Player Roster

[edit] Active

Player Name 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
AustraliaAustralia ZZicon small.png PiG Jared Krensel Y- B313 - 16th Intel Extreme Masters B313 - 16th Intel Extreme Masters D2Ro32 DreamHack ASUS_ROG_Summer_2013 LE8Challenger League Ro48 2014_WCS_Season_1_America
SingaporeSingapore ZZicon small.png Revenant Marcus Tan Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-
AustraliaAustralia PPicon small.png Bard Alex Welford Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-
AustraliaAustralia PPicon small.png Doombie Ryan von czarnecki Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-
AustraliaAustralia ZZicon small.png NXZ Ryan Jones Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-
AustraliaAustralia ZZicon small.png Stormz Michael Gorey Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-
AustraliaAustralia PPicon small.png Armi Josh Armitage Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-

[edit] Organization

ID Name Position
AustraliaAustralia PPicon small.png Fries Jonathon Salmon Head Manager
AustraliaAustralia PPicon small.png Bard Alex Welford SC2 Manager
AustraliaAustralia ZZicon small.png Dot Dorothy Tran SC2 General Manager
AustraliaAustralia TTicon small.png Daehfeurd David Potter Content

[edit] References

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