Team Clash

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Team Clash
Team Information
Location: USA United States
Manager: Alex "Virgil" Schwartz
Paul "JPeg" Kim
Steve "Qapuk" Phan
Website Twitter Aligulac
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


Protoss 0Terran 0Zerg 0Random 0
Created: 2011-10
Disbanded: 2012-06-03


Team Clash was a professional e-Sports team based in the United States of America. It was formed in October 2011 to compete in both national and international events as a StarCraft II team. It merged with Back2Back Gaming in June 2012.



  • October 2011, Team Clash is created.
  • November 2011, Clash members Panther, Rodger and Staff go to MLG Providence.


Clan Roster[edit]

Players that were acquired by Back2Back Gaming[edit]

ID Name
krSouth Korea TTerran Roger Brian Lee
USAUSA PProtoss Shew Alex Raymond
ChinaChina ZZerg ZaiZai Yunpeng Xie

Former Members[edit]

ID Name New Team
krSouth Korea TTerran DontASK Lee Ji Sung N/A
krSouth Korea PProtoss SurA Lee Jang Won N/A
krSouth Korea PProtoss LegalMind Kim Kyung Soo Retired
krSouth Korea PProtoss Imagine Jung Geun Oh N/A
krSouth Korea PProtoss Mercy Choi Young Hoon CheckSix Gaming CheckSix Gaming
krSouth Korea ZZerg Messiah Jae Gook Kim N/A
krSouth Korea PProtoss MoOk Kim Eun Mook Military Service (Retired)
krSouth Korea TTerran Panther Lee Woo Hyun CheckSix Gaming CheckSix Gaming
krSouth Korea ZZerg Presto Lee Seong Yong N/A
CanadaCanada ZZerg Sky David Park N/A
USAUSA TTerran Edge Josh Yang N/A



ID Name Position
USA Virgil Alex Schwartz Coach/Manager
USA JPeg Paul Kim Head Manager
USA Qapuk Steve Phan Manager





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