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This Team's Starcraft II division has disbanded.

[e][h]Team BX3
Team Information
Stein "SMW" Wilmann
Team Captain:
Ola "fubb" Ulseth
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Picon small.png 1
Ticon small.png 2
Zicon small.png 4


BX3 was founded in 2011, as a Norwegian based gaming organization under the ownership of the Norwegian registered company Wilmann Holding AS. Moving away from simply being a gaming organization, and towards a more diverse operational portfolio, BX3 became BX3 Elektroniske Sportsklubb in 2012.

BX3 has still as main objective to promote Norwegian and Scandinavian E-Sports, alongside becoming a major household name within the European and eventually international E-Sports and digital festival scene.[1]

BX3 disbanded their Starcraft II division in 2016, but still has its other game-divisions intact.



  • March 15, Played Team Infused in the Infused Charity Showmatch Series.[2]


  • Team's SC2 division disbands.

Player Roster at time of disband[edit]

Best Yearly Result

ID Name 2012 2013 2014
noNorway pPicon small.png fubb(Captain.png) Ola Ulseth - - -
noNorway tTicon small.png CreamCake Tin Trung Duong - - -
noNorway tTicon small.png NorthBrute Tord Skotmyr Løken - - -
noNorway zZicon small.png HOODOUT Robert Onarheim - - -
noNorway zZicon small.png Phaqui Anders Lorentsen - - -
seSweden zZicon small.png ZergLife Marcus Bennvid - - -
noNorway zZicon small.png Kolbein Jens Kolbein Sandvik Bratheim - - -


ID Name New Team
seSweden tTicon small.png Duggi Oliver Näsström Retired
seSweden pPicon small.png Loki Johannes Anttonen Retired
noNorway zZicon small.png Scyther Morten Wiik Retired
noNorway tTicon small.png Kare Marius Skoglund Retired
noNorway pPicon small.png Chi Erik Mundheim Retired
noNorway zZicon small.png Snitchables Ruben Drange Team-Mistral.png Mistral eSport
noNorway tTicon small.png Scythe Stian Johnsen Ecvisualizelogo std.png ECVisualize
noNorway zZicon small.png Twimp Thomas Elvestad Retired
seSweden zZicon small.png MaddeLisk Madeleine Leander Esaharalogo std.png eSahara
noNorway pPicon small.png IMBADUDE Toan Bui Ecvisualizelogo std.png ECVisualize
frFrance pPicon small.png OkSPe Vincent Teroitin Retired
noNorway tTicon small.png Fury Andreas Tornes Retired
noNorway zZicon small.png MeltZy Mattis Bjørgan Retired
noNorway pPicon small.png Nas Thomas Hugøy Retired
seSweden tTicon small.png Znow Victor Armblad Infusedicon std.png Team Infused
noNorway pPicon small.png Excludos Andreas Lagerberg Retired
noNorway zZicon small.png zUP Erlend Nygård Gllogo std.png Team GamersLeague
noNorway pPicon small.png evire Eirik Stensbøl Gllogo std.png Team GamersLeague
itItaly tTicon small.png Skorpio Alessandro Mortillaro Osc std.png Old School Clan
noNorway zZicon small.png Lizalfo Jarle Haugerud Birkeland Retired
noNorway zZicon small.png Nova Synnøve S. Hammerstrøm Retired
noNorway pPicon small.png qlimax Christoffer Lange Retired
noNorway zZicon small.png KinG Tom-Andre Lærum Retired
noNorway pPicon small.png Decophly Arne Undheim Retired
noNorway tTicon small.png MiCroLiFe Even Haugen
czCzech Republic zZicon small.png PikA Alexandr Jacko Retired


ID Name Position
noNorway Space filler race.png Exciter Sigmund Stromme CEO
noNorway Space filler race.png GrOggi Christian Hagen Player Manager
noNorway pPicon small.png fubb Ola Ulseth Team Manager & Captain


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