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Administrators Tlnet admin Icon.png

Most administrators have a blue background header. They manage and oversee the overall functionality of the site. They are also part of the moderation staff. Nazgul is the owner/CEO of Team Liquid and his posts can be seen as official statements from; the same goes for the posts by those with the icon, although obviously sometimes they do post non-official statements in their posts.

Red Names[edit]

These are senior and moderation staff. They may choose their own icons.

Blue Names[edit]

These are staff that have been recognized for their contributions; they may, as Red Names do, choose their own user icons.


The staff on is split into ten different sections, although some staff belong to more than one section. The sections are Banlings, Calendar, Casters, Coders, Graphics, Liquipedia, Replay Uploaders, TLPD, Translators, Writers and TeamLiquidPro. These all contribute to the different parts of the site.

Banlings Banling Icon.png[edit]

Banlings, along with Red Names and Administrators, help to moderate the site.

Calendar CaucasianAsian Icon.png[edit]

Calendar members take care of the events being added to the TL Calendar so we all know what events are coming up with just a quick glance to the box at the top of the right sidebar.

Casters Casters Icon.png[edit]

Caster is the newest section of TL Staff. Caster members help cast TL events such as the TeamLiquid Legacy Starleague.


The Coders write, test, and integrate the code for the different features on

Graphics Graphics Icon.png[edit]

Graphics, accordingly, creates most of the graphics on the site. They work closely with the writers to style news posts in a higher-quality manner than normal forum posts.

Liquipedia LP Globe Icon.png LP Puzzle Icon.png[edit]

The Liquipedia staff moderate and administrate's wiki and work on keeping the integrations between it and the main site up-to-date. The globe icon denotes a founding staff member, and the puzzle piece icon denotes a staff member who joined afterwards.

Replay Uploaders[edit]

Replay Uploaders upload replays of Brood War games for your downloading and viewing pleasure.

TLPD TLPD Icon.png[edit]

The Team Liquid Progamer Database staff updates the results from most prize-awarding tournaments going on in the Brood War and StarCraft II communities.

Translators Tr ko Icon.png Tr cn Icon.png[edit]

Translators translate Korean and Chinese texts from articles, interviews, and sometimes videos, to English.

Writers Writers Icon.png[edit]

Writers create news coverage for tournaments and various StarCraft and Dota 2-related articles for Liquid Horse Icon.png[edit]

TeamLiquidPro focus on the Liquid Pro StarCraft II & Dota 2 Teams at

Forum Stars Star.gif[edit]

Not all Forum Stars are staff per se, but these are people who have made valuable contributions to and have been recognized for it.


  • PoP, Carnac, IntoTheWow, Klogon, Liquid`Jinro, ManaBlue, lilsusie, riptide, EvilTeletubby and GMarshal have animated icons.
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