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[e][h]Terran TaKe
Player Information
Dennis Gehlen
March 7, 1986 (1986-03-07) (age 29)
Krefeld, West Germany
Alternate IDs:
TaKeSen, BecomeAPro
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Dennis "TaKe" Gehlen is a German StarCraft II caster who worked for ESL TV. He was a high-level Human Warcraft III player and is now active as a StarCraft II caster and content producer, running his own company named TaKeTV.


TaKe is, relating to his own statements, interested in the growing of eSports and therefore gives a lot of passion into it. He works as a caster as well as as a host for many ESL events in Germany, but also produces live content from his home studio. He has a girlfriend who is not involved with eSports but fully accepts his hobby and job, and is interested in learning the game in order to understand what he is saying in his streams.

He also is often seen as the "mentor" of XlorD, who was a top WC3-Player and was often involved with TaKe's stream and events. He later managed to take third place at the HomeStory Cup VI TaKe organized, where he went first in his group and managed to beat MMA and Stephano, though he has since retired.


TaKe was an active player during the StarCraft II beta where he played a lot of ladder games and was placed in the Platinum League. Although he was a top-player in Warcraft III he did not try to go this way again in StarCraft II, stating that he preferred to manage teams and find new talent. He still occasionally plays the game, as Terran, and in January 2011 he started the YouTube series "Become a Pro" to document his goal to reach GrandMasters League.[1]


Take's entertaining casting style has allowed him to become very successful in Germany. His stream TakeTV has its own channel on ESL TV. One of the distinguishing characteristics of his shows is that nearly every broadcast features its own co-caster. He often invites pro players to his studio/apartment where they cast some games with him, giving a strong analytical edge to the casts as well as showcasing the players' personas. This formula is expanded during events like the HomeStory Cup where many pro players are invited to his flat to compete in a high-stakes tournament in a casual atmosphere.

HomeStory Cup[edit]

The HomeStory Cup started as a small invitational tournament that TaKe held in his flat in Krefeld, Germany. He invited the top players from Europe to come and compete for a small prize pool. The format of the tournament was an ordinary double-elimination bracket but it was the production and casual atmosphere that gave this tournament a unique feel. It has been likened to a reality TV Show in that the interactions of the tournament players are shown all throughout the tournament. Cameras are set up in the relaxing area, the players themselves are invited to join in casting (one of its most famous features) and accommodations such as an in-house chef and a poker table provide a relaxed atmosphere. The initial HomeStory Cup was merely a trial and most of these features were not implemented until the later HomeStory Cups.

The second HomeStory Cup is when the tournament started gaining more international attention for having a bigger prize pool and more participants. In HomeStory Cup IV, South Koreans participated for the first time and the players had specifically come from Korea to participate. Stream numbers for the event broke into the 60,000 concurrent, around the same as most premier tournaments at the time.

Curiosities and worth knowing[edit]

  • In one show, William came to bring TaKe a Pizza after he jokingly told the stream he is hungry. Then he casted with him and "Willi" was liked much by the community which led to the decision that he could help TaKe on a regular basis. He is for example helping him with his YouTube account and the videos on it.
  • He made so many shows with Kevin "RotterdaM" van der Kooi that Kevin was asked to move to Germany in order to work for ESL TV. Also RotterdaM wanted a stripper in the show which led them to open donations and the community gave him over 400€ to get the stripper dancing live in the show.
  • When playing the song "Waka Waka" by Shakira in the time of the World Cup 2010 a user in their IRC Channel #esl.tv started to spam "WAKAWAKA" which caused a mass spamming by nearly every user and a huge lag of the whole channel, TaKe's PC and the stream. The channel client counter instantly dropped down because almost every IRC Client crashed.


  • Was a high level WC3 Player and a manager for teams such as SK-Gaming.[2]
  • Works occasionally for Turtle Entertainment, ESL's parent company, as a host and caster.
  • He previously tried to reach Grandmaster League in order to obtain a free trip to Las Vegas[3]

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