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Units labelled with the attribute Structure have the aspects of buildings, tending to be immobile. All buildings are labelled with this attribute. Potentially mobile buildings include Spine Crawlers, Spore Crawlers, and Terran buildings with the Lift off ability. Note these structures cannot activate their abilities in their mobile forms.

For a list of buildings, see the relevant page.

Structure Units[edit]

Units in Starcraft II can be tagged with one or more Attributes that determine bonus damage, affect targeting, and/or can influence spells and abilities.

The Structure units, categorized by race, are listed below.




Units with Bonus Damage Against Structure[edit]



Negative Spells and Abilities[edit]

The Nuke has increased damage against structures.

Range: 12
Cooldown: 20 s
Damage: 300 (+200 to buildings)
Hotkey: N
The Ghost calls down a nuclear strike at the targeted spot. Nukes take 20 seconds to land.
EnergyIcon.gif 125
Duration: 30 s
Hotkey: E
The Overseer covers an enemy structure in slime. The structure will be unable to train units or research upgrades for 30 seconds.
Caster: Corruptor
Duration: Channeled
Hotkey: C
The Corruptor emits a stream of acid that deals 7 damage per second for 4.3 seconds, then increases to 35 damage per second.

This is a list of harmful spells and abilities that can only affect units with the attribute of Structure.

Affected Spells and Abilities[edit]

Emp round.png
EnergyIcon.gif 75
Range: 10
Radius: 1.5
Damage: -100 shields, energy
Hotkey: E
The Ghost fires an EMP Round that removes up to 100 shields and energy from every unit within the AoE. Also reveals cloaked units.

An EMP on a structure with energy, such as a Nexus before Legacy of the Void or an Orbital Command, will drain all energy from it, as with units.

Unaffected Spells and Abilities[edit]

This is a list of spells and abilities that cannot affect units with the attribute of Structure.

Psionic storm.png
Caster: High Templar
EnergyIcon.gif 75
Radius: 1.5
Hotkey: T
The targeted area is blasted by psionic energy to deal 80 damage over 4 seconds.
Graviton beam.png
Caster: Phoenix
EnergyIcon.gif 50
Duration: 10 s
Hotkey: G
A channelling spell that lifts a unit into the air, disabling it and making it vulnerable to air attack. Massive units are unaffected.
Guardian shield.jpg
Caster: Sentry
EnergyIcon.gif 75
Duration: 15 s
Radius: 4
Hotkey: G
Creates a range 4 aura that reduces incoming ranged damage to friendly units by 2. Lasts 15 seconds.
Caster: Mothership
EnergyIcon.gif 100
Duration: 20 s
Radius: 2.5
Hotkey: V
Creates a Vortex at the target location. All units within 2.5 of the targeted area are sucked into the Vortex until it ends. Units released from the Vortex are then immune for 1.5 seconds.
Mass recall.png
Caster: Mothership
EnergyIcon.gif 100
Radius: 6.5
Hotkey: R
Teleports all units within 6.5 effect-radius around the selected point to the Mothership's location.
Neural parasite.png
EnergyIcon.gif 100
Range: 7 (14)
Duration: 15 s
Hotkey: E
The Infestor temporarily takes control of target enemy unit. The player can cancel this ability, or it will automatically cancel if the controlling Infestor is killed or the targeted unit is moved out of 14 range.
Fungal growth.png
EnergyIcon.gif 75
Radius: 2.0
Hotkey: F
The Infestor's Fungal Growth affects only enemy units within the area of effect, immobilizing them and dealing 30 (40 vs Armored) damage.
EnergyIcon.gif 50
Range: 10
Duration: 1.43 s
Damage: 170
Hotkey: R
After carefully aiming for 1.43 seconds while not taking damage, the Ghost fires a sniper round dealing 170 damage. Ignores armor. Can only target biological units.
Seeker missile.png
EnergyIcon.gif 125
Duration: 15 s (+5)
Radius: up to 2.0
Damage: up to 100
Hotkey: R
The Raven fires a missile that follows the target. If it reaches the target, it will explode, dealing 100 splash damage.
EnergyIcon.gif 1 per 3 HP
Hotkey: E
The Medivac automatically (or on order) heals a close-by friendly biological unit.
Concussive Shells.png
Duration: 1.5 s
Slows an enemy's movement speed by 50% when hit by the Marauder's attack. The slowing effect does not stack, but the timer is refreshed by subsequent hits. Massive units are immune to the slow.