Star Station

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Star Station
Creator: Blizzard/Aunvilgod
Tileset: Daelaam Ark
Size: 180x152
Spawn Positions: 4 at 2,4,8,10
Competition Span: 2012-09 – 2014-01


Star Station is a four-player symmetric map that was debuted in the Heart of the Swarm BETA map pool.

A modified version of the map, made by Reddit user Aunvilgod, was put into the ladder map pool for the 6th season of 2013.[1]

Official Map Description[edit]

Start by securing the safe expansions. Once you take your fourth base, keep an eye on the various attack paths your opponents may utilize.

Notable Features[edit]

  • There are four Xel'Naga Towers located on the map, at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 positions.
  • On May 17 2013, Blizzard made the ladder version cross spawn only.[2]

Star Station TE[edit]

  • Made into a 2 player map, with only the top left and bottom right spawn locations.




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