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The Starcraft 2 League is a North American team league organized by Evil Geniuses and sponsored by D-Link

League Information
Organizer: StarCraft 2 League
Sponsor: D-Link
Game Version: Heart of the Swarm Patch 2.0.9
Server: North America
Event Type: Online
Format: 1v1, Proleague Format,
Group Stage
Prize pool: $10,000
Start Date: 2013-07-09
End Date: 2013-09-14
Links: TLPD
Number of Teams: 8
mousesports • Axiom • Team Liquid • Team Acer • Evil Geniuses • Na'Vi • coL-Dignitas • ROOT Gaming
Daybreak • Ohana • Cloud Kingdom • Bel'Shir Vestige SE • Akilon Wastes • Neo Planet S • Newkirk Precinct • Star Station • Whirlwind • Derelict Watcher TE

[edit] Format

  • 8 teams
  • 7 weeks, 4 days per week (1 match per day ) for a total of 28 playdays + Playoffs
  • Matchformat Six bo1's(proleague style) with an ace match if needed
    • Ace can be any player, even those who have played and lost before.
  • Maps are predetermined based on the round.
  • Top 4 teams qualify for Online Playoffs.
  • Top 2 teams qualify for Offline Finals at Dreamhack Bucharest.[1]

[edit] Prize Pool

Place Prize Team
1st $5,000 Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid
2nd $3,000 Acerlogo std.png Team Acer
3rd $2,000 Eglogo std.png Evil Geniuses
  • The prize pool will increase for every router pre-order due to a promotion run by D-Link.[2]

[edit] Participants

 Team Acer
Acerlogo std.png
Axiomlogo std.png
 Team Liquid
Liquidlogo std.png
Mouzlogo std.png
 ROOT Gaming
Rootlogo std.png
 Evil Geniuses
Eglogo std.png
 Natus Vincere
Navilogo std.png
CoL-Dignitaslogo std.png

*Illusion played for mousesports for the first week before parting ways with them.
**theognis and Stephano both retired during the season.

[edit] Results

[edit] Standings

  • Updated as of: Week 9 Match 2 (EG vs Axiom). Group stage is now over.
  • Score system: Most match wins, if egality the higher number of points win.
    • 1 game win = 1 point[3]
1. Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid 5-2 26-18 26
2. Eglogo std.png Evil Geniuses 5-2 26-13 26
3. Axiomlogo std.png Axiom 5-2 21-20 21
4. Acerlogo std.png Team Acer 4-3 24-18 24
5. Mouzlogo std.png mousesports 4-3 21-17 21
6. CoL-Dignitaslogo std.png coL-Dignitas 2-5 16-24 16
7. Rootlogo std.png ROOT Gaming 2-5 15-25 15
8. Navilogo std.png Natus Vincere 1-6 14-27 14

For detailed results click here.

[edit] Playoffs

Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid
Acerlogo std.png Team Acer
Eglogo std.png Evil Geniuses
Axiomlogo std.png Axiom
Winner's Finals
Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid
Eglogo std.png Evil Geniuses
Loser's Round 1
Acerlogo std.png Team Acer
Axiomlogo std.png Axiom
Loser's Finals
Eglogo std.png Evil Geniuses
Acerlogo std.png Team Acer
Grand Finals
Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid
Acerlogo std.png Team Acer

For detailed results click here.

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