Stalemate Detection

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Stalemate detection is a feature of melee games that ensures the game ends when no player can make progress towards victory.

[e][h] Tactic Stalemate Detection
The final three minute warning before a stalemate is declared.
Strategy Information


A stalemate occurs when all players are unable to complete any of the following actions:

  • Generate income
  • Produce a unit
  • Construct a building
  • Research an upgrade
  • Destroy an enemy building

After three (in-game) minutes, if no player has completed any of these actions, the game issues a final three minute warning. If these final three minutes elapse without a player completing any of these actions, the game ends in a draw for all remaining players. If a player completes any of these actions, the timer resets and play continues normally.

The conditions for a stalemate are precisely those described above. In particular, the following actions will not break a stalemate:

  • Mine minerals or gas without returning them to a base
  • Begin production of a unit, construction of a building, or research of an upgrade without finishing it
  • Damaging but not destroying an enemy building
  • Letting fire or creep deprivation destroy a building
  • Destroying a non-enemy building (e.g., a neutral Supply Depot)
  • Damaging or killing any unit

Patch Changes


  • A game can result in a tie without having a stalemate, if players/teams lose their last building simultaneously. This can occur if the last buildings are hit with a Nuke.