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League Information
South Korea
Bi-Weekly Online
China China
Group Stage
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Start Date:

SGL (short for Shang gan ling) is a series of bi-weekly online cups organized by Kaurala, a Chinese caster. Qualified Chinese players and invited non-Chinese players participate in the cups. The cups are held at 14:00 KST over 6 game days.



  • 20 players: 8 qualified Chinese players, 12 invited non-Chinese players
  • Played in 6 game days (two weeks, usually Wednesday to Friday)
  • 4 groups of five players played in Round-robin
    • Best-of-two matches
    • Top 2 qualify
    • Point system: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 point for a loss
    • Ties broken by points, then map difference, then map wins, then direct opposition
  • Single elimination bracket
    • Quarterfinals: Best-of-three
    • Semifinals: Best-of-three
    • Finals: Best-of-five

Prize Pool[edit]

Cups 1 to 5[edit]

Place Prize (USD)
1st $400
2nd $100
3rd-4th $50
Total $600

Cups 6 onward[edit]

Place Prize (USD)
1st $400
2nd $150
3rd-4th $50
5th-8th $25
Total $750


# Date 1st 2nd SF SF
1 #1 2016-06-13 South Korea Zicon small.png Hydra China Zicon small.png BreakingGG China Picon small.png Jim China Ticon small.png XY
2 #2 2016-06-22 South Korea Zicon small.png Hydra South Korea Picon small.png Billowy South Korea Zicon small.png Pet South Korea Zicon small.png DeParture
3 #3 2016-08-18 South Korea Ticon small.png ByuN South Korea Zicon small.png TRUE South Korea Ticon small.png Polt Mexico Ticon small.png MajOr
4 #4 2016-09-15 South Korea Ticon small.png ByuN South Korea Ticon small.png aLive Poland Picon small.png MaNa Netherlands Picon small.png Harstem
5 #5 2016-10-06 Ukraine Zicon small.png Bly South Korea Ticon small.png Bunny South Korea Picon small.png Trust South Korea Picon small.png Creator
6 #6 2016-11-24 South Korea Picon small.png Classic South Korea Ticon small.png INnoVation South Korea Ticon small.png GuMiho South Korea Picon small.png herO

Medal Counts[edit]

Medals won per Race[edit]

Race Total
Zicon small.png Zerg 3 2 5
Ticon small.png Terran 2 3 5
Picon small.png Protoss 1 1 2

Medals won per Player[edit]

Ticon small.png ByuN Zicon small.png Hydra 
Zicon small.png Bly Picon small.png Classic 


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