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[e][h]SC2 ONLINE Community Open
League Information
Single-elimination bracket
Prize pool:
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The SC2 ONLINE Community Open is a series of weekly tournaments organized by


  • Open globally, server priority is Americas.
  • Single elimination bracket.
  • Best of 3 from the Round of 32 until the semifinals.
  • Semifinals and Finals are Best of 5.

Prize pool[edit]

50$ Standard Prize Pool[edit]

$50 and 160 OSC points are divided among participants as follows:

Place Prize (USD) OSC Points
1st $35 60
2nd $15 30
3rd-4th - 15
5th-8th - 5
9th-16th - 2.5

100$ Standard Prize Pool[edit]

$100 and 370 OSC points are divided among participants as follows:

Place Prize (USD) OSC Points
1st $75 130
2nd $25 80
3rd-4th - 40
5th-8th - 10
9th-16th - 5

Cup #24[edit]

$150 and 605 OSC points are divided among participants as follows:

Place Prize (USD) OSC Points
1st $75 200
2nd $38 125
3rd-4th $18.50 70
5th-8th - 15
9th-16th - 5
16th-32th - 2.5



# Date 1st 2nd SF SF
0.5 #0.5 2015-12-12 Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur Mongolia Zicon small.png Sioras New Zealand Zicon small.png Petraeus Australia Zicon small.png NXZ
1 #1 2016-01-18 Canada Picon small.png HuK Mexico Ticon small.png MajOr Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi USA Picon small.png puCK
2 #2 2016-01-23 Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi Mexico Zicon small.png JimRising USA Zicon small.png PandaBearMe USA Zicon small.png Voltz
3 #3 2016-02-06 South Korea Zicon small.png Solar Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi USA Zicon small.png Voltz Australia Ticon small.png Seither
4 #4 2016-02-28 Australia Ticon small.png iaguz Australia Ticon small.png Seither Germany Picon small.png Blysk Australia Zicon small.png NXZ
5 #5 2016-03-06 Mexico Zicon small.png Cham Australia Zicon small.png NXZ New Zealand Zicon small.png Petraeus Australia Ticon small.png Seither
6 #6 2016-03-13 Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi New Zealand Zicon small.png Petraeus Mexico Zicon small.png Cham Australia Zicon small.png NXZ
7 #7 2016-03-19 Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi Philippines Zicon small.png EnDerr Mexico Zicon small.png Cham
8 #8 2016-03-20 South Korea Zicon small.png Hydra Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur Serbia Ticon small.png Beastyqt South Korea Ticon small.png Apocalypse
9 #9 2016-04-09 Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi Mexico Zicon small.png Cham USA Zicon small.png PandaBearMe India Zicon small.png DemiLove
10 #10 2016-04-17 Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi Australia Zicon small.png NXZ Australia Picon small.png Voidreaver India Zicon small.png DemiLove
11 #11 2016-04-23 South Korea Zicon small.png Hydra South Korea Ticon small.png Apocalypse New Zealand Zicon small.png Petraeus Australia Zicon small.png NXZ
12 #12 2016-04-24 South Korea Ticon small.png Apocalypse New Zealand Zicon small.png Petraeus USA Zicon small.png Operator India Zicon small.png DemiLove
13 #13 2016-05-15 Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur Mexico Ticon small.png MajOr China Ticon small.png JaxMine
14 #14 2016-05-28 USA Zicon small.png PandaBearMe Australia Ticon small.png iaguz Australia Picon small.png Probe Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi
15 #15 2016-06-12 USA Zicon small.png Suppy Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi Chile Zicon small.png HalfBreed Australia Ticon small.png Seither
16 #16 2016-06-26 Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur USA Picon small.png puCK Mexico Zicon small.png Cham Singapore Ticon small.png Elusory
17 #17 2016-07-10 Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi India Zicon small.png DemiLove Australia Ticon small.png iaguz Australia Ticon small.png Seither
18 #18 2016-07-23 South Korea Ticon small.png ByuN Australia Picon small.png Probe South Korea Zicon small.png Hydra Canada Ticon small.png Semper
19 #19 2016-08-06 Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur Mexico Ticon small.png MajOr Mexico Zicon small.png JimRising Canada Ticon small.png Semper
20 #20 2016-08-18 Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur Taiwan Picon small.png Nice China Zicon small.png Punk India Zicon small.png DemiLove
21 #21 2016-08-27 Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur USA Zicon small.png JonSnow Mexico Ticon small.png MajOr Australia Ticon small.png Azure
22 #22 2016-09-03 Mexico Ticon small.png MajOr USA Zicon small.png PandaBearMe Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi
23 #23 2016-10-01 Netherlands Ticon small.png uThermal Poland Zicon small.png Guru India Zicon small.png DemiLove Mexico Zicon small.png Cham
24 #24 2016-10-16 Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi USA Picon small.png puCK South Korea Ticon small.png NaTuRal USA Zicon small.png PandaBearMe
25 #25 2016-10-22 Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi Sweden Zicon small.png Winter Mexico Zicon small.png JimRising Poland Picon small.png Indy
26 #26 2016-10-30 USA Picon small.png puCK USA Zicon small.png GAMETIME India Zicon small.png DemiLove Australia Zicon small.png Wally
27 #27 2016-11-12 Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur Sweden Zicon small.png Winter South Korea Ticon small.png NaTuRal Mexico Zicon small.png Cham
28 #28 2016-11-20 Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi USA Zicon small.png Operator South Korea Ticon small.png TOP South Korea Picon small.png TAiLS
29 #29 2016-11-27 Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur India Zicon small.png DemiLove USA Zicon small.png PandaBearMe USA Zicon small.png GAMETIME
30 #30 2016-12-06 South Korea Ticon small.png aLive Norway Zicon small.png Snute Australia Ticon small.png Azure South Korea Ticon small.png KeeN
31 #31 2016-12-11 South Korea Ticon small.png jjakji Mexico Zicon small.png Cham Australia Ticon small.png Seither India Zicon small.png DemiLove
32 #32 2016-12-17 Netherlands Ticon small.png uThermal Poland Picon small.png Indy Mexico Zicon small.png JimRising Denmark Ticon small.png Lillekanin


# Date 1st 2nd SF SF
33 #33 2017-01-22 South Korea Picon small.png herO Mexico Zicon small.png Cham Mexico Zicon small.png JimRising Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi
34 #34 2017-01-28 South Korea Zicon small.png Solar Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi Mexico Zicon small.png Cham South Korea Zicon small.png TRUE
35 #35 2017-02-04 Canada Ticon small.png Semper Mexico Zicon small.png Cham Kazakhstan Picon small.png PiLiPiLi USA Zicon small.png PandaBearMe
36 #36 2017-02-18 Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur South Korea Zicon small.png TRUE USA Zicon small.png GAMETIME Mexico Zicon small.png JimRising
37 #37 2017-03-04 South Korea Picon small.png HerO Sweden Zicon small.png Namshar India Zicon small.png DemiLove USA Zicon small.png PandaBearMe
38 #38 2017-03-19 South Korea Ticon small.png aLive Australia Zicon small.png Yours USA Ticon small.png Raze USA Picon small.png Neeb
38 #38 2017-04-03 South Korea Ticon small.png ByuN Brazil Ticon small.png Kelazhur India Zicon small.png DemiLove Bulgaria Ticon small.png ArchangeL
40 #40 2017-04-15 Australia Picon small.png Probe USA Zicon small.png PandaBearMe Canada Zicon small.png Jig India Zicon small.png DemiLove
41 #41 2017-05-07 USA Picon small.png Neeb South Korea Zicon small.png Armani France Zicon small.png hinO Peru Zicon small.png BLord
42 #42 2017-05-14 South Korea Zicon small.png Leenock South Korea Zicon small.png PenguiN Bulgaria Ticon small.png ArchangeL India Zicon small.png DemiLove
43 #43 2017-05-20 South Korea Ticon small.png GuMiho Ukraine Zicon small.png Bly Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA South Korea Zicon small.png Leenock
44 #44 2017-05-27 South Korea Zicon small.png PenguiN France Zicon small.png hinO South Korea Zicon small.png Armani South Korea Zicon small.png Leenock
45 #45 2017-06-11 Canada Ticon small.png Semper South Korea Picon small.png herO India Zicon small.png DemiLove Singapore Ticon small.png Elusory
46 #46 2017-06-21 South Korea Ticon small.png KeeN Taiwan Picon small.png Nice South Korea Ticon small.png aLive South Korea Zicon small.png PenguiN
47 #47 2017-06-25 China Ticon small.png Shana South Korea Zicon small.png PenguiN South Korea Zicon small.png TRUE India Zicon small.png DemiLove
48 #48 2017-07-09 Norway Zicon small.png Snute Canada Ticon small.png MaSa Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA India Zicon small.png DemiLove
49 #49 2017-07-23 South Korea Ticon small.png NaTuRal South Korea Zicon small.png PenguiN USA Picon small.png Rengen Canada Ticon small.png Semper
50 #50 2017-08-06 Taiwan Picon small.png Nice USA Zicon small.png GAMETIME South Korea Zicon small.png PenguiN USA Zicon small.png WarreN
51 #51 2017-08-19 Canada Ticon small.png MaSa USA Ticon small.png FuturE South Korea Ticon small.png NaTuRal Taiwan Picon small.png Nice
52 #52 2017-08-23 South Korea Zicon small.png Impact Ukraine Zicon small.png Bly India Zicon small.png DemiLove South Korea Ticon small.png KeeN
53 #53 2017-08-27 Taiwan Picon small.png Nice South Korea Zicon small.png PenguiN India Zicon small.png DemiLove
54 #54 2017-08-30 South Korea Ticon small.png Ryung South Korea Zicon small.png Impact Mexico Zicon small.png Cham South Korea Zicon small.png PenguiN
55 #55 2017-09-03 Canada Zicon small.png Jig Canada Ticon small.png Semper Mexico Zicon small.png Cham Taiwan Picon small.png Nice
56 #56 2017-09-06 South Korea Ticon small.png GuMiho South Korea Zicon small.png Leenock South Korea Zicon small.png Impact South Korea Ticon small.png Ryung
57 #57 2017-09-13 South Korea Zicon small.png Solar Ukraine Zicon small.png Bly South Korea Zicon small.png Impact South Korea Ticon small.png NaTuRal
58 #58 2017-09-20 South Korea Zicon small.png Impact Poland Zicon small.png Guru Hong Kong Zicon small.png GogojOey Vietnam Zicon small.png MeomaikA
59 #59 2017-09-24 South Korea Ticon small.png aLive USA Ticon small.png FuturE Canada Zicon small.png Scarlett Bulgaria Ticon small.png ArchangeL
60 #60 2017-09-27 South Korea Zicon small.png Solar South Korea Zicon small.png Impact South Korea Picon small.png Billowy South Korea Ticon small.png KeeN
61 #61 2017-10-04 South Korea Ticon small.png Ryung South Korea Ticon small.png NaTuRal Ukraine Zicon small.png Bly
62 #62 2017-10-08 South Korea Zicon small.png Solar Canada Zicon small.png Jig USA Picon small.png Early USA Ticon small.png FuturE
63 #63 2017-10-11 South Korea Ticon small.png aLive Ukraine Zicon small.png Bly Denmark Ticon small.png Lillekanin Poland Zicon small.png Guru
64 #64 2017-10-18 Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD
65 #65 2017-10-22 Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD Space filler flag.png Space filler race.png TBD


Medals won per Race[edit]

Race Total
Zicon small.png Zerg 16 40 56
Ticon small.png Terran 31 13 44
Picon small.png Protoss 17 11 28

Medals won per Player[edit]

x9 Ticon small.png Kelazhur Picon small.png PiLiPiLi 
Zicon small.png Solar 
Ticon small.png aLive 
Ticon small.png ByuN Ticon small.png GuMiho Zicon small.png Hydra Zicon small.png Impact Picon small.png Nice Ticon small.png Ryung Ticon small.png Semper Ticon small.png uThermal 
Ticon small.png Apocalypse Zicon small.png Cham Picon small.png HerO Picon small.png HuK Zicon small.png Jig Ticon small.png KeeN Zicon small.png Leenock Ticon small.png MaSa Ticon small.png MajOr Ticon small.png NaTuRal Picon small.png Neeb Zicon small.png PandaBearMe Zicon small.png PenguiN Picon small.png Probe Ticon small.png Shana Zicon small.png Snute Zicon small.png Suppy Picon small.png herO Ticon small.png iaguz Ticon small.png jjakji Picon small.png puCK 
Zicon small.png Bly Zicon small.png Cham Zicon small.png PenguiN Picon small.png PiLiPiLi 
Ticon small.png Kelazhur 
Zicon small.png DemiLove Ticon small.png FuturE Zicon small.png GAMETIME Zicon small.png Guru Zicon small.png Impact Ticon small.png MajOr Zicon small.png NXZ Picon small.png Nice Zicon small.png PandaBearMe Zicon small.png Petraeus Zicon small.png Winter Picon small.png puCK 
Ticon small.png Apocalypse Zicon small.png Armani Picon small.png Indy Zicon small.png Jig Zicon small.png JimRising Zicon small.png JonSnow Zicon small.png Leenock Ticon small.png MaSa Ticon small.png NaTuRal Zicon small.png Namshar Zicon small.png Operator Picon small.png Probe Ticon small.png Seither Ticon small.png Semper Zicon small.png Sioras Zicon small.png Snute Zicon small.png TRUE Zicon small.png Yours Picon small.png herO Zicon small.png hinO Ticon small.png iaguz 

Medals won per Country[edit]

Country Total
South Korea South Korea 27 12 39
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 9 4 13
Brazil Brazil 9 3 14
Canada Canada 5 3 8
USA USA 4 9 13
Mexico Mexico 2 7 9
Australia Australia 2 6 8
Taiwan Taiwan 2 2 4
Netherlands Netherlands 2 0 2
Norway Norway 1 1 2
China China 1 0 1
Ukraine Ukraine 0 4 4
Sweden Sweden 0 3 3
Poland Poland 0 3 3
India India 0 2 2
New Zealand New Zealand 0 2 2
France France 0 1 1
Mongolia Mongolia 0 1 1

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