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These sites either allow sharing of replays or just aggregate replays of top players:

  • - In-depth replay and skill analysis. Interactive charts of army strength, composition and unit locations. Charts of APM, win-loss, and Spending Skill.
  • - A Unique Starcraft 2 Replay Hosting System with Custom Statistics and Automatic Upload Replay Software and Training Center.
  • - Browse professional and casual replays by map, player, matchup, and other tags. View extracted build orders. Get summary statistics aggregated from many replays
  • - Chinese replays website with replays from top players.
  • - "" has linkable graphics, Expert & Event replays, advanced searching
  • - Russian replay database (has English interface also). Easy uploading system. Shows league, sort by Pro and Non-pro replays. Rating system. Regular updates.
  • - Simple replay hosting site
  • - Pro Replay site with filtering options.
  • - Allows for anonymous (without registering), fast upload and provides very short URLs.


  • - "StarCraft II replays from all the top players in the world". Last update March 2014
  • - User-friendly replays database. Daily content (cup, ladder, VOD), detailed data (graphs, build order by worker, map) and functionalities (search engine, shareable banner, comparison, API). Timeout
  • - Replays of pros from events with ratings. Last update January 2014