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 This article is for a user made Melee Map. It is not currently part of standard competitive play
Creator: prodiG
TLPD: International Korean
Tileset: Braxis Alpha
Size: 128x128
Spawn Positions: 2 at 2 and 7
Versions: (TLPD)


Competition Span: 2010-07-04
Original design by TrueRedemption

Map Description[edit]

The map's idea (and name) come from TL user TrueRedemption. It is somewhat similar to Destination. Its first use in competition was in the Amateur Open.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Steppes of War-sized ramps at the natural to middle
  • Xel'Naga Towers at 4th expansions
  • Double wide ramps to the high ground middle
  • LOS blockers in the middle for interesting tactics
  • Gold expansions are 6 minerals, 2 gas, all other expansions are 8 minerals, 2 gas
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