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This article is for the Heart of the Swarm multiplayer version, for the Wings of Liberty version see: Reaper (Wings of Liberty).
TypeGround Unit
DescriptionRaider. Capable of jumping up and down cliffs. Heals when out of combat.
Built FromBarracks
CostMinerals.gif 50 Vespene-terran.gif 50 Buildtime terran.gif 45 Supply-terran.gif 1
AttributesBiological, Light
Ground Attack:   4(+1)(x2)
Ground DPS:   7.3(+1.8)
Range:   5 (ground)
Cooldown:   1.1 (ground)
DefenseIcon Hitpoints.png 60 Icon Armor.png 0 (+1)
Cargo Size1
Strong Against
Weak Against


The Reaper is a Lightly Armored scouting units with excellent freedom of movement, with an out-of-combat Health-regeneration ability. This unit can now be produced from a Barracks and from a Reactor. It still remains a costly & fragile unit; avoiding enemy fire and use of Bunkers or escaping Melee via Cliff edges for protection is advised.

Only used for opening with an aggressive scout, to save having to use Scanner Sweep, and briefly to secure time for a Reactor and Command Center (2) to produce. If going for a rush, 3 Reapers minimum are needed to two-shot workers (4x2 damage x 3 Reapers) quickly,

Reapers are commonly used as a Hit & Run tactics against Workers and Melee units thanks to its ability to travel up and down cliffs, making it easy to abuse enemy unit's Melee range. With increased health and the Combat Drugs ability, Reapers can take a few hits for an early Marine poke, but mass production beyond the Reaper Opening is not advised as Reapers do not scale in any way into the mid or late game. Hellions or Marines and Medivacs are recommended instead as a transition (depends on match-up).


Jet Pack.png
Allows Reapers to travel up and down cliffs.
Heals 2 HP every second if the Reaper is not attacked for 10 seconds.

Competitive Usage[edit]


  • Due to high Vespene Gas cost these units are NOT considered disposable like Marines, and need to be kept alive to keep the benefits of the threat of Reapers backstabbing an opposing player that wishes to play aggressively against a Reaper opening.
  • Reapers can, somewhat, Tank damage and heal themselves, in place of Marines, in the early game for a Reactor-based Marine push timing.
  • Having been drastically changed from the Wings of Liberty counterpart, Heart of the Swarm Reapers no longer have a specific anti-Building attack or a +4 bonus to Light units. But, could only be produced from a Tech Lab. Being much more similar to the Marauder.
  • A popular usage of the Reaper is making only one or two of them and using these to mostly scout. Harass, while good, is limited to only times where the Reapers are sure to escape after they have done some damage. It is better to spare an enemy worker if it means saving your Reaper, this is since scouting is the main purpose of the Reaper on a one-two Reaper builds.

Vs.ProtossIcon.png Protoss[edit]

  • A timing against Sentry before Stalker openings exists, using a Reaper to distract or even kill the first Sentry and attack with mass Marines; Sentry openings against Terran are not common unfortunately. Proxy-Marauder Bunker-rush is quite common against Protoss instead.
  • The commonly used Marines (to 2) or Reaper (1) > Reactor opening is a common opening against Protoss, so the Reaper can intercept the Zealot (1) + Stalker (1) pressure timing, made famous by MC (Has been known to kill Terrans, if the Wall-Off is not complete in time) and buy time the follow-up Reactor to finish. This opening is designed to get a Reactor quickly to deal with proxy-Oracle builds by getting to six Marines (5 cannot kill an Oracle) and get an Engineering Bay up quickly as well.
  • Reapers make an excellent scouting alternative to scanning.
  • In small battles Reapers are very efficient versus Stalkers, due to their ability to negate damage taken. Three Reapers can beat a single Stalker without losing any Reaper. Four Reapers are able to beat two Stalkers with losing none or only a single Reaper, with minimal micro. A single Reaper is not able to beat a single Sentry, two or more are required.

Vs.TerranIcon.png Terran[edit]

  • A single unupgraded Reaper beats a single unupgraded Marine.

Vs.ZergIcon.png Zerg[edit]

  • Can be used instead of a 2-Rax Bunker rush, due to the speed of Reapers is more reliable for longer distances. So you don't have to proxy 2-Rax every time you want to pressure a Hatchery First build from Zerg.
  • Reapers are decent for scouting, but can very quickly be shut down. However, going in with 3 Reapers and doing some harassment can cause an overreaction of lings, or even defenses.




Reaper's quotes (video and sound) - YouTube video.

Patch Changes[edit]


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