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Team Information
Sergei "ReaLPoG" Rostovski
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Protoss 4
Terran 1
Zerg 3


ReG GaminG is a Russian e-Sports team whose StarCraft: Brood War squad was created on December 17th, 2006 and whose StarCraft II squad was created on February 25th, 2013. The ReG StarCraft II division is currently divided into the first squad, "Alpha" which includes top Master and Grandmaster players on the European server, and the second squad "Beta", third "Gamma" which consists of Masters and Diamond players.



  • March 3, ReG GaminG Beta Squad takes fourth place in 3rd Division of the RSTL#7.[1]
  • July 13, ReG GaminG takes fourth place in 1st Division of the Alpha League.[2]


  • January 19, ReG GaminG takes first place in Group Beta of the 300 APM League. [3]


  • February 25, ReG GaminG is formed Sc2 Squad.
  • July 21, ReG GaminG takes third place in the SC2CL Division 4e.[4]
  • September 2nd, ReG GaminG takes third place in the group stage of Division 3 of minor Russian team tournament RSTL #3.[5]
  • October 10, ReG GaminG takes third places in the playoffs RSTL #3.[6]
  • December, ReG GaminG takes third place in the SC2ITL Season 1 Group B.

Player Roster


Best Yearly Results

ID Name 2014 2015
Legionary team
ReG Alpha Squad
croatiaCroatia pProtoss DiiNe Milan Petrovic - -
franceFrance pProtoss Unknown - - -
ruRussia zZerg Bee Pavel Zhigarev - -
peruPeru zZerg BLord Julio Sotomayor - -
ReG Beta Squad
ukraineUkraine pProtoss Azrael Bogdan Kozar - -
ruRussia tTerran Kofyein Pavel Shalkin - -
ruRussia zZerg Casper Sergey Kozlov - -
ruRussia PProtoss Interstellar Nikita Islanov - -
latviaLatvia pProtoss BatmanApollo Alexsey Macnev - -
ruRussia pProtoss InTime Ivan Shirаbokov - -
belarusBelarus zZerg Chelser Sergey Metlitsky - -
ruRussia tTerran Dao Konstantin Chebotarev - -
ruRussia tTerran MayWay Kiril Egorov - -
ReG Gamma Squad
ruRussia zZerg OvermindMK Mihail Krotov - -
ruRussia zZerg Atreyu Anastasia Litovchenko - -
ruRussia zZerg KrastyKrabs ILya Ruchka - -
ruRussia tTerran VladRock Vladislav Gluschenko 33 - 48th 2014 DreamHack Open: Moscow -
ruRussia tTerran Comrade Alexandr Gladikov - -
ruRussia pProtoss Hate Pavel Shpak - -
ruRussia pProtoss BannedJam Anton Kozincov - -
uaUkraine tTerran Bummy Andrey Tkachenko - -
ruRussia tTerran ScvReady Cцв Готов - -


ID Name Position
Russia ReaLPoG Sergey Rostovski Manager/Founder/Owner
Latvia Sonix Alexandr Pavluchenko Manager of Beta Squad
Russia OvermindMK Mihail Krotov Manager of Gamma Squad
Belarus Chelser Sergey Metlitsky Manager

Team Achievements

Date Event Result
2013-10-10 Russian StarCraft 2 Team League Season 3: Third Division ReG Gaming 5 : 2 Ho-Kago Tea Team
Date Event Result
2014-01-19 300 Apm Group Beta ReG GaminG 3 : 2 MLt Gaming