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This article is for the Legacy of the Void multiplayer version. For the Heart of the Swarm version, see Raven (Heart of the Swarm). For the Wings of Liberty version, see Raven (Wings of Liberty).
[e][h]TerranIcon.png Raven
Unit Information
Air Unit
Built From:
Minerals.gif 100 Vespene-terran.gif 200 Buildtime terran.gif 43 Supply-terran.gif 2
Icon Hitpoints.png 140 Icon Armor.png 1 (+1)
50 (+25) / 200
Strong against:
Weak against:


The Raven is a flying support craft with detection. It provides both defensive and offensive capabilities through the use of its abilities. The Raven is the spiritual successor to StarCraft: Brood War's Science Vessel.

Ravens are a useful addition to a mid or late-game Terran army. With detection, a Terran player is able to see both cloaked and burrowed units within the Raven's sight range. Groups of Auto-Turrets can occasionally be used to block units and deal moderate damage. Point Defense Drones provide protection against enemy projectiles; greatly reducing damage taken by the player's units as long as the projectiles come in range of the drone, and finally the Seeker Missile is a spell that deals large splash damage and can devastate large armies if used correctly.

Auto Turrets are buildings and block unit movement, so it is possible create blockades on the go (without SCVs or bringing buildings) or use three to block the ramp of main bases.


Range: 11
The Raven is a Detector unit that can see cloaked, burrowed and hallucinated units.


Build auto turret.gif
EnergyIcon.gif 50
Duration: 10 s
Radius: 6 (+1)
Hotkey: T
The Raven drops an Auto-Turret at the target location.
Build point defense drone.gif
EnergyIcon.gif 100
Duration: 14 s
Radius: 8 (+1)
Hotkey: D
The Raven drops a Point Defense Drone at the target location.
Seeker missile.png
EnergyIcon.gif 125
Range: 10
Damage: 100 (+30)
Hotkey: R
Missile comes out and stays immobile in front of the Raven for 4 seconds while charging up, then rapidly moves (it’s not dodgeable at this point) and explodes at the target, causing 100 damage to target plus splash damage. Targeted unit lights up red when targeted. If the unit moves 13 range out of where the Seeker Missile is, the Missile fizzles.


Recalibrated Explosives
Recalibrated Explosives.png
Minerals.gif 150     Vespene-terran.gif 150     Buildtime terran.gif 79 Hotkey: E
Researched from: Tech Lab
Increases the Seeker Missile unit's tracking range by 50% (13 to 19.5) and Increases the Seeker Missile's damage by 30%.

Corvid reactor.gif
Minerals.gif 150     Vespene-terran.gif 150     Buildtime terran.gif 79 Hotkey: T
Researched from: Tech Lab
Increases the Raven's starting energy by 25.

Removed Upgrades[edit]

Explosive Shrapnel Shells
Explosive Shrapnel Shells (Patch 3.1.2).jpg
Minerals.gif 150     Vespene-terran.gif 150     Buildtime terran.gif 79 Hotkey: E
Researched from: Tech Lab
Increases the damage of Raven Auto-Turrets and Seeker Missiles by 30%.

Competitive Usage[edit]

Vs.ProtossIcon.png Protoss[edit]

The Terran player uses Ravens to support his push during a TvP on Metalopolis.
Ravens are primarily used as mobile detectors in TvP, providing protection from Dark Templar, and allowing the Terran to destroy scouting Observers to limit the information gathering abilities of the opposing Protoss player. The Raven's Point Defense Drone will block a Tempest's attack and can be used to defend Battlecruisers. The Raven's inability to be used as strong counter to any specific Protoss unit, and its susceptibility to a High Templar's Feedback, limits its uses in TvP.

Vs.TerranIcon.png Terran[edit]

A single Raven forces a Siege Tank to unsiege or be destroyed on the high ground of Desert Oasis.
Raven TvT use is dictated by the opening builds of the two players, and the amount of gas they consume. They are commonly used to defend against early Banshee harass when paired with a defensive Viking. Ravens are commonly used with mech based armies facing bio based armies due to Point Defense Drones blocking Marauder attacks. Seeker missiles are also useful at forcing opposing Siege Tanks to unsiege in a stalemate situation.

Vs.ZergIcon.png Zerg[edit]

Hincram(T) uses his Ravens to attack SluSh's(Z) Roach / Zergling force during a game on Lost Temple.
Ravens have multiple uses in TvZ. One of the major benefits of Raven usage is its functionality as a mobile Detector. This allows the Terran player to defend properly against burrowed Banelings, Roaches, and Infestors, limiting the damage the Zerg units can cause.

Ravens can also be a strong counter to Swarm Hosts, since Seeker Missiles have long range and Swarm Hosts burrow in clumps, allowing a few well placed Seeker Missiles to destroy the Swarm Host force, force them to unburrow and retreat, or bruise them badly enough so the Terran force can brute force their way through. A good numbers of Point Defense Drones combined with a sufficient tank force can also nearly indefinitely stop locust attacks. Against Swarm Hosts, Ravens are usually paired with Vikings to deal with an air transition more easily.




Raven's quotes (video and sound) - YouTube video.

Patch Changes[edit]


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