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[e][h]ZergIcon.png Ravager
Unit Information
Ground Unit
Minerals.gif 25 (100) Vespene-zerg.gif 75 (100) Buildtime zerg.gif 9 (28) Supply-zerg.gif 1 (3)
Attack 1:
Targets: Ground
Damage: 16 (+2)
DPS: 14.04 (+1.75)
Cooldown: 1.14
Range: 6
Icon Hitpoints.png 120 Icon Armor.png 1 (+1)
Speed Multiplier on Creep:
Speed on Creep:
Cargo Size:
Strong against:
Weak against:


The Ravager is a ground Zerg unit, morphed out of the Roach. Its effectiveness heavily relies on player micro due to its corrosive bile ability. This ability can destroy Force Fields and can be used for harassment, e.g. if the spell is cast on workers (mineral line).


Corrosive Bile
Caster: Ravager
Hotkey: C
Launch a missile at the target location, dealing 60 damage to all units and destroying all Force Fields in the area upon impact.

Corrosive Bile has 9 range and lands approximately 2.5 seconds after being launched. It deals damage to air units and ground units at the same time.

Competitive Use[edit]


Vs.ProtossIcon.png Protoss[edit]

If a Protoss player tries to block his ramp using Force Fields, the Ravager can destroy it using Corrosive Bile. As a result, Sentries are less common in ZvP, except in early timing attacks with other basic Gateway units.

Ravagers are commonly seen in this matchup in many different areas. First off, they are good at holding early-mid game attacks, since they are generally composed mostly of the new Adept. Ravagers can stay out of range of the Adept and kite them with their Corrosive Bile ability and superior range. Ravagers are generally good against Protoss throughout the game, since the Protoss army tends to clump up, and the Ravager can easily increase the damage of the Zerg's army either by landing the bile ability, or using it to force units to move, making them waste time that they could be using to attack the enemy army.

A new strategy that involves Ravagers is a Zergling style that focuses on quick double upgrades into Ultralisks with Ravagers for supporting damage. If the Zerg player surrounds the Protoss army with Zerglings, Ravagers can melt the Protoss ball, since they cannot dodge the shots while they are surrounded. They are also found in Roach/Hydra forces since the bile can force the Protoss army to make unfavorable movements depending on where it is placed.

Vs.TerranIcon.png Terran[edit]

Ravagers are key when holding off early Liberator attacks, as 3 Corrosive Bile strikes can destroy an immobile Liberator.

Vs.ZergIcon.png Zerg[edit]

Ravagers are useful during the mass-Roach part of the game, for their Corrosive Bile ability and increased range over the roach (6 instead of 4) allows it to dish out extra damage. In smaller numbers of roaches, they are not recommended due to their lower health, higher cost, and because Corrosive Bile is easier to avoid. They can also be useful to slowly push back Lurker lines and Spine Crawlers and force them to unsiege. It can also be used to snipe Overlords early on with four Corrosive Bile strikes.


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