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ROOT Gaming
RootGaming Logo Transparent.png
Team Information
Location: USA United States
Team Captain: Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra
Andrew "Drewbie" Moysey
Sponsor: Twitch
V3 Gaming PC
Website Twitter Twitter 2 Facebook YouTube Channel TLPD HotS TLPD International TLPD Korea Aligulac Twitch Stream
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


Picon small.png 9Ticon small.png 7Zicon small.png 11Ricon small.png 1
Created: 2010-03-22 (original team)
2012-05-15 (reformed)
Recent Player Trades: 2014-01-31 - iaguz joins
2014-02-09 - State leaves
2014-02-28 - Spyte joins

To read about this organization's Dota 2 team, see: ROOT Gaming.


ROOT Gaming is a North American StarCraft II team that was created on the 22nd of March 2010, founded by four StarCraft II players: Drewbie, JiYan, CatZ, and qxc, quickly developing to become one of the best and most popular teams in North America. In early 2011, ROOT established a joint gaming house in Florida together with Fnatic, having CatZ, Drewbie from ROOT, and Fenix and TT1 from Fnatic living in the house.[1]

On June 11th, 2011, compLexity Gaming announced that they had acquired ROOT Gaming and the majority of their roster: CatZ, Drewbie, Minigun and DdoRo,[2] whilst KiWiKaKi and SLush decided not to join compLexity and became part of the newly formed Team ReIGN.[3] Destiny initially signed with compLexity but then changed his mind about joining the team.[4]

On May 15th 2012, CatZ announced that following the expiry of his contract with compLexity Gaming, he and Drewbie would be reforming ROOT Gaming.[5]

Since its rebirth, ROOT has expanded considerably, doubling its roster and recruiting new players, reuniting with former players such as Minigun, SLush and KiWiKaKi. ROOT also added a Dota 2 team in May 2012,[6] as well as a Smite squad in February 2013,[7] although the latter was short-lived.

In July 2013, ROOT opened the highly anticipated and crowd-funded team house in Antioch, California with several players from the ROOT Gaming team, such as CatZ, Kane, Succeed, Minigun, Sage and others moving in to practice and produce content.[8]

ROOT Gaming made another significant expansion in September 2013, as they announced the SEED Academy, recruiting many young up and coming talents from around the world, giving them the opportunity to develop alongside the professional team and utilising ROOT's resources, such as the team house to further their career. Amongst the first members, the new SEED roster included Najzmajs, Arium, SolO, Prebs and Virium.[9]


  • May 15th, CatZ announces the rebirth of ROOT Gaming with himself, Drewbie, KiWiKaKi, Destiny, Slush, and Fayth.[42]
  • May 16th, ViBE joins ROOT Gaming.[43]
  • May 18th, CatZ announces ROOT Gaming expanding to DotA 2 by announcing its first team squad.[44] additionally, he announced that RotterdaM joined ROOT Gaming, not as a caster, but as a player.[45]
  • June 2nd, puCK and Fitzyhere join ROOT Gaming.[46]
  • June 15th, TT1 joins the team.[47]
  • June 24th, Axeltoss joins the team as their official caster.[48]
  • July 12th, MaSa joins the team. [49]
  • August 6th, MajOr joins the team.[50]
  • August 10th, ToD joins. [51]
  • August 28th, ROOT parts ways with Destiny after receiving negative feedback about him.[52]
  • October 16th, ROOT Gaming announces that puCK will be leaving the team to focus on personal issues. While the initial announcement hinted at eventually returning, puCK did not plan to rejoin ROOT.[53][54]
  • October 25th, ROOT announces a sponsorship deal with Das Keyboard.[55]
  • November 25th, ROOT announces that MajOr has left ROOT Gaming and that puCK has returned [56]
  • December 6th, ToD leaves the team and returns to France.[57]
  • December 8th, DdoRo rejoins the team following Quantic Gaming's disbandment.[58]
  • December 15th, Another former Quantic Gaming player, theognis, joins Root.[59]
  • December 21st, MajOr returns.[60]
  • March 22nd, ROOT Gaming is formed.[63]

Player Roster[edit]


Best Yearly Result:

ID Name 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Rootlogo std.png ROOT Gaming
usUSA PPicon small.png Astrea Max Angel Y- Y- Y- Y- LE8Challenger League Ro48 2014 WCS Season 1 America
usUSA RRicon small.png Caliber Patrick Coury Y- E141 - 48th MLG C121 - 24th MLG Y- Y-
PeruPeru ZZicon small.png CatZ (Captain.png) Paulo Vizcarra B717th MLG D2Ro32 IGN_ProLeague_Season_3 D737 - 44th MLG E8Ro48 2013_MLG_Spring_Championship LE8Challenger League Ro48 2014 WCS Season 1 America
usUSA TTicon small.png Illusion Chris Lee Y- C121 - 24th 2011_MLG_Pro_Circuit/Providence B313 - 16th IEM_Season_VI_-_Global_Challenge_Sao_Paulo D2Premier League Ro32 2013_WCS_Season_2_America/Premier D2Premier League Ro32 2014 WCS Season 1 America
auAustralia TTicon small.png iaguz Ethan Zugai Y- B313 - 16th IEM_Season_VI_-_Global_Challenge_Guangzhou Y- B313 - 16th IEM_Season_VIII_-_Shanghai KD2aChallenger League Ro32 2014 WCS Season 2 America
CanadaCanada TTicon small.png MaSa Maru Kim Y- Y- C223 - 45th North_American_Star_League_Season_4 Y- D2Premier League Ro32 2014 WCS Season 1 America
USAUSA PPicon small.png Minigun Chad Jones Y B717 - 24th IGN_ProLeague_Season_3 C121 - 24th Intel Extreme Masters B6Premier League Ro16 2013_WCS_Season_2_America/Premier D2Premier League Ro32 2014 WCS Season 1 America
nzNew Zealand ZZicon small.png Petraeus Mack Smith Y- Y- D2Ro32 Electronic Sports World Cup LE0Challenger League Ro40 World Championship Series Y-
nlNetherlands pPicon small.png RotterdaM Kevin van der Kooi Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-
krSouth Korea PPicon small.png Sage Woo Kyung Chul G4Ro64 GOMTV Global StarCraft II League LA4Aicon.png Ro4 GOMTV Global StarCraft II League A55 - 8th 2012_DreamHack_Open/Bucharest A77 - 8th 2013_MLG_Spring_Championship LE8Challenger League Ro48 2014 WCS Season 1 America
usUSA zZicon small.png Sasquatch Gage DuBose Y- Y B313 - 16th 2012_MLG_Pro_Circuit/Summer/Championship B717 - 24th 2013_MLG_Spring_Championship IEM Season VIII - New York Y-
caCanada zZicon small.png Spyte Coryn Briere Y- Y- I0129 - 160th 2012_MLG_Pro_Circuit/Spring/Championship Y- Y-
usUSA ZZicon small.png ViBE Dan Scherlong C525th MLG B313 - 16th IGN_ProLeague_Season_2 D2Ro32 2012_Battle.net_World_Championship D2Premier League Ro32 2013_WCS_Season_2_America/Premier 2013_MLG_Winter_Championship Y-
caCanada pPicon small.png DdoRo Moon Jung Ho Y- C020th MLG C525 - 32nd MLG Y- Y-
CanadaCanada TTicon small.png Drewbie (Captain.png) Andrew Moysey A44th IEM_Season_V_-_American_Championships B111th MLG C525 - 32nd MLG G4Ro64 2013_MLG_Spring_Championship Y-
CanadaCanada PPicon small.png KiWiKaKi Jonathan Garneau A22nd MLG A22nd MLG E545 - 60th IGN ProLeague Y- Y-
CanadaCanada ZZicon small.png SLush Paul-David Pagé A77th MLG A55th MLG Y- Y- Y-
Seed std.png SEED Academy
usUSA zZicon small.png Baldwin Jonathan Baldwin Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-
caCanada PPicon small.png Bones (Captain.png) Myles Donald Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-
clChile PPicon small.png Darkness Diego Garcés Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-
usUSA TTicon small.png Heiwa Paz Garcia Griego Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-
nzNew Zealand ZZicon small.png MightyKiwi David Gore Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-
seSweden ZZicon small.png Najzmajs Marcus Fogelström Y- Y- G4Ro642012_DreamHack_Open/Stockholm I065 - 96th2013_DreamHack_Open/Summer Y-
noNorway ZZicon small.png Prebs Preben Johnsen Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-
caCanada zZicon small.png Regor Igor Kourbatov Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-
usUSA TTicon small.png SiegeMode Paul Dolan Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-
noNorway ZZicon small.png SolO Tobias Glenne Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-
usUSA PPicon small.png Virium Josiah Boyer Y- Y- Y- Y- Y-

Notable Former[edit]

Full list of player transfers and former players here.

ID Name Join Date Leave Date Duration New Team
usUSA pPicon small.png State Ryan Visbeck 9th August 2013 9th February 2014 6 months Primelogo std.png Prime
usUSA pPicon small.png puCK Brandon Qual 2nd June 2012 17th October 2013 1 year 4 months Ivd std.png IvDgaming
seSweden pPicon small.png Succeed Dennis Schmuck 10th February 2013 13th October 2013 7 months ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
caCanada zZicon small.png Kane Sam Morrissette 20th April 2013 23rd September 2013 5 months Myinsanitylogo std.png mYinsanity
krSouth Korea zZicon small.png YuGiOh Jung Seung Il 27th January 2013 23rd September 2013 8 months ZZZZZLogo filler std.png Retirement
caCanada pPicon small.png TT1 Payam Toghyan 15th June 2012 9th September 2013 1 year 3 months ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
usUSA zZicon small.png Fitzyhere Connor Fitzpatric 2nd June 2012 9th September 2013 1 year 3 months ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
usUSA tTicon small.png Theognis Michael McClelland 15th December 2012 1st August 2013 8 months ZZZZZLogo filler std.png Retirement
mxMexico tTicon small.png MajOr Juan Lopez 6th August 2012 2nd January 2013 5 months KeSPA Logo std.png 8th Team
frFrance pPicon small.png ToD Yoan Merlo 12th August 2012 7th December 2012 4 months XMG std.png XMG
usUSA zZicon small.png Destiny Steven Bonnell II 2nd March 2011 29th August 2012 8 months ZZZZZLogo filler std.png
usUSA tTicon small.png qxc Kevin Riley 22nd March 2010 25th March 2011 1 year FXOlogo std.png FXOpen e-Sports
usUSA zZicon small.png Sheth Shawn Simon 12th November 2010 FXOlogo std.png FXOpen e-Sports


ID Name Position
Peru CatZ Paulo Vizcarra Founder & CEO
Canada Drewbie Andrew Moysey Founder
USA Kavik Rob Collins COO & Content Director
USA ChoseN Brad Erickson Player Manager
Australia Sunset Amelia Savery Editor in Chief
USA tifapriori Tiffany Chia Marketing Manager
United Kingdom babybowler Siân Morgan Social Media Manager
USA alundra Alicia Hall Community Development

Team Achievements[edit]

Date League Result Winnings
2014-03-30 Silver.png 2014 Deimos Esports Team League Rootlogo std.png ROOT Gaming 1 : 5 Ivd std.png IvDgaming $400
2011-03-20 Gold.png SGL Season 2 Rootlogo std.png ROOT Gaming 4 : 3 All4one std.png All4ONE Gaming $500
2011-01-31 Silver.png Machinima Realm Invitational Rootlogo std.png ROOT Gaming 0 : 4 Eglogo std.png Evil Geniuses $500
2010-12-21 Gold.png SGL Season 1 Rootlogo std.png ROOT Gaming 4 : 3 Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic $200




External Links[edit]


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