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Jonathan "Pyre" Topielski is an American StarCraft II Terran player who is currently teamless.

[e][h]Terran Pyre
Player Information
Jonathan Topielski
February 19, 1995 (1995-02-19) (age 21)
Alternate IDs:
Pyre, iSPyre, SolidPyre
Links Profile
2012-01-03 - 2012-11-29


Pyre applied to Infinity Seven and was accepted. He has shown consistent results in a number of small tournaments[Citation needed] and made it to round 7 in the loser's bracket at the MLG Winter Championship (his first major LAN), falling to Polt. In early May, Pyre competed in and qualified for the U.S. World Championship Series.[1]

On November 29, 2012 it was announced that Pyre had left Infinity Seven as a "mutual agreement between both parties".[2]

He later joined the CompLexity Gaming academy, but left due to inactivity due to concentrating on playing chess.[3]


  • Took up chess in January 2013 in addition to his SC2 career and has already shown considerable improvement.[4]


In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2012-08-05 A11st Power Overwhelming 5 3 : 0 Protoss SethN $182
Complete Results in any Tournament

WoL Matches



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