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Pw-Gaming (Pwning Without Remorse) is an Israeli StarCraft II clan.

[e][h]PwR Team
Team Information
Yuval "YuMi" Ganim, Matan "GolanZZ" Golan
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Picon small.png 3
Ticon small.png 2
Zicon small.png 1
Ricon small.png 0


Pwning Without Remorse (Pw)StarCraft Team was created to be a leading Starcraft 2 Israeli gaming team. Their vision is to combine good gaming spirit with professional gaming. Pw-Gaming holds many attractive Players in the Israeli StarCraft Scene, and wish to become professional in International level as-well.



  • October 1st, PwR Clan created under the name Pro War Raiders, the name was changed during 2011 to the current name Pwning Without Remorse.


  • September, Launch of "PwR's late night open" which was the first big event organized by the team.


  • July,Pw-Gaming Renewed. With brand new Line-Up. ESL Clan-War Ladder Participation, and New Management.

Player Roster[edit]

LtR: Mamzi, eman, YuMi, Shadowmoor, VanWilder


ID Name
ilIsrael zZicon small.png Destroy Harel Edri
ilIsrael pPicon small.png Trust Or Cyngiser
ilIsrael pPicon small.png FallenAngel Or Ofir
ilIsrael pPicon small.png Distrubed Henili Shryber
ilIsrael tTicon small.png Eman Elad Ser


ID Name Position
ilIsrael PPicon small.png YuMi Yuval Ganim Leader


ID Name New Team
ilIsrael tTicon small.png Complain Amit Fisher
ilIsrael pPicon small.png VanWilder Hanoch Gabay
ilIsrael tTicon small.png Shadowmoor Itai Ovrutzki
ilIsrael zZicon small.png Gozal Or Aharoni
ilIsrael tTicon small.png Blight Michael Ramot
ilIsrael pPicon small.png EroX Rani Reznik
ilIsrael pPicon small.png Snykes Or Daniel
ilIsrael tTicon small.png GlobEX Ofir Biniuri



Date Event Result
2011-07-24 SC2CL Season 3 BLR 4 : 1 PwR
2011-07-31 SC2CL Season 3 Thermaltake 4 : 1 PwR
2011-08-07 SC2CL Season 3 NrS 5 : 0 PwR
2011-07-14 SC2CL Season 3 RAGE.eSports 0 : 5 PwR
2011-08-28 SC2CL Season 3 gS 4 : 1 PwR
2011-09-04 SC2CL Season 3 USSR 0 : 5 PwR
2011-09-11 SC2CL Season 3 LnKTec 0 : 5 PwR
2011-09-18 SC2CL Season 3 ex.force 0 : 5 PwR
2011-09-25 SC2CL Season 3 vincere 0 : 5 PwR
2011-10-02 SC2CL Season 3 Cascade 5 : 0 PwR
2011-10-09 SC2CL Season 3 SN 5 : 0 PwR

Player Achievments[edit]

  • Free reaching #2 at the NOM Gaming Tournament Series December Weekly #2.
  • ShadowMoor reaching 5th place at Modi'in gaming tour HWZone Hanukkah LAN 2011. (25$ prize)
  • Eman finishing at 4th place in the ClanBase Open Cup
  • Eman winning #1 place at the IGA tour #18
  • Snykes Winning #1 place the nSg tour #1 (10$ prize)
  • Eman winning #1 place at the IGA tour #23
  • Bulugulu finishs 3rd at IGA tour #23
  • Snykes winning #1 place at IGA tour clash 2
  • Shadowmoor taking #3 place at IGA tour clash 2
  • GlobEX winning #1 place at IGA tour clash 4
  • Blight taking #3 place at IGA tour clash 4

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