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Team Information
Kim "Cezanne" Jung Hwan
Lee Jun Ho (이준호)
2012 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 1 IPL Team Arena Challenge 2
Solo Achievements
2011 GSL Super Tournament2012 MLG Pro Circuit - Winter Arena2012 MLG Pro Circuit - Winter Championship2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: South Korea NationalsTeamLiquid StarLeague 42013 WCS Season 2 Korea OSL
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Protoss 0
Terran 0
Zerg 0
Recent Player Trades:
2015-10-19 - YoDa and BBoongBBoong are banned by KeSPA
2015-10-18 - ByuN leaves
2015-10-18 - KeeN leaves
2015-09-02 - TANGTANG leaves


Prime was a Korean Team and clan. They were founded near the launch of Wings of Liberty. Near launch they were announced to be sponsored by the World Elite, but this sponsorship was eventually dropped.

In October 2010, Prime took part in the Brainbox Team Invitational placing third after oGs who won and the now disbanded team WeRRa that placed second.

Prime lost 2 players, Maka and Polt, on the opening day of the GSL Code S Sponsorship League. HongUn and anypro were later eliminated as well. MarineKing was the only Prime member that made it through Ro32, eventually making it to the finals where he was decisively defeated 0-4 by Mvp.

Going into February, Prime had 5 Code S players: MarineKing, HongUn, Check, anypro, and Polt. Maka and Polt were both defeated in the Up and Down Matches, putting them in Code A. A tournament was held to decide which player, of the 8 players who went to Code A from Up and Down matches, would replace LiveForever who was entering military service. Polt won the tournament, putting him back in Code S. Maka remained in Code A.

The "Optimus" ID, which references Transformers Autobot leader Optimus Prime, has been an ID MarineKing popularized in his first GSL finals, but never took up for himself since he never won a championship. The Prime coach has said that the "Optimus" ID will move around the team to the current Prime champion.[1] Polt was the first Prime player to win a GSL championship, so he was the first player to hold the title. After his switch to TSL, the status of the Optimus title is currently unknown.

Prime also has their own online clothing store which includes their team shirts as well as other merchandise. The clothes are all modeled by Prime players, with more of a focus given to MarineKing and Gerrard.[2] The store initially only delivered to Korean addresses, but opened up to international deliveries on September 24, 2011.[3]

Prime did not have much success in the team leagues in the first three seasons as they would always lose in the first round. However, in the GSTL Season 1, they pulled an upset by making it out of the group stages and into the play-offs where they eventually were defeated by MVP in the finals to place second.

Prime went one better during the 2012 GSTL Season 1 taking victory over StarTale with MarineKing taking victory over Curious to win 5-2 over all. The finals were the first GSTL finals to be held over seas, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada.[4] The 3 months between March and June would prove to be incredibly successful for Prime, winning the IPL Team Arena Challenge 2, 2012 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 1 and 2012 KSL Team League Season 1 over New Star HoSeo, StarTale and StarTale again respectively. The KSL victory was notable for a 6 man all kill by MarineKing.

In October 2015 Prime was reported to be involved in a match fixing scandal. Head coach Gerrard and players YoDa and BboongBboong were found to have intentionally lost five matches in the first half of the year for money.[5] As ByuN and KeeN had left Prime just a day before the news came out, the team is now left without any active players on its roster.

Coach Kim Jung Hwan officially announced that Prime had disbanded on 2 December 2015.[6]


  • October 13, Prime was founded.
  • Min leaves Prime. He later joined SlayerS.[69]
Prime's roster after winning 2012 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 1.

Notable Former[edit]

Full list of Former Players

ID Name New Team
krSouth Korea zZerg BBoongBBoong Choi Jong Hyuk
Banned by KeSPA
krSouth Korea tTerran YoDa Choi Byung Hyun
Banned by KeSPA
krSouth Korea TTerran ByuN Byun Hyun Woo X-Team X-Team
krSouth Korea TTerran KeeN Hwang Kyu Seok SBENU SBENU
krSouth Korea tTerran TANGTANG Kim Dong Jin
krSouth Korea pProtoss Creator Jang Hyun Woo Jin Air Green Wings Jin Air Green Wings
krSouth Korea pProtoss Zoun Bag Han Sol SK Telecom T1 SK Telecom T1
krSouth Korea pProtoss MyuNgSiK Kim Myung Sik StarTale StarTale
krSouth Korea tTerran Nette Uk Dam Lee
krSouth Korea zZerg TerrOr Jun Ji Won
krSouth Korea zZerg KassiA Kim Han Saem
krSouth Korea pProtoss Billowy Kim Do Kyung SK Telecom T1 SK Telecom T1
usaUSA pProtoss State Ryan Visbeck
krSouth Korea pProtoss Barbie Lee Yu Ra
krSouth Korea zZerg DeParture Hyun Sung Min MVP (team) MVP
krSouth Korea tTerran SalvatioN Kim Ki Yong MVP (team) MVP
krSouth Korea tTerran MarineKing Lee Jung Hoon MVP (team) MVP
krSouth Korea pProtoss Choya Lee Hyung Seop MVP (team) MVP
krSouth Korea tTerran eins Joo Jin Hyuk
krSouth Korea pProtoss Jila Kim Ku Hyun
krSouth Korea pProtoss Splendid Jang Hyun
krSouth Korea pProtoss Remember Jung Chan Woo Micro GamerZ Micro GamerZ
krSouth Korea zZerg AnNyeong Moon Hak Seon
krSouth Korea tTerran Maru Cho Seong Ju Jin Air Green Wings Jin Air Green Wings
krSouth Korea zZerg HyoLyn Kim Kang Bin DuSt Gaming DuSt Gaming
krSouth Korea pProtoss Lucy Jo Ji Hyun AZUBU AZUBU
krSouth Korea pProtoss Classic Kim Hong Jae
krSouth Korea zZerg Terius Song Byung Hak MVP (team) MVP
krSouth Korea zZerg AriA Byun Jeong Geun
krSouth Korea tTerran Hannibal Kim Dong Wook MJ Team MJ Team
krSouth Korea pProtoss Daisy Lee Jong Hyuk ESC Gaming ESC Gaming
krSouth Korea pProtoss cOre Ahn Jung Min
krSouth Korea pProtoss anypro Lee Jung Hwan
krSouth Korea tTerran Maka Kwak Han Eol ESahara eSahara
krSouth Korea pProtoss HongUn Ahn Hong Wook ESahara eSahara
krSouth Korea zZerg Check Lee Hyung Joo ESahara eSahara
krSouth Korea tTerran Polt Choi Seong Hun Team SCV Life Team SCV Life
krSouth Korea tTerran Dayfly Lee Joong Heon
krSouth Korea tTerran BitByBit Kim Nam Kyu MJ Team MJ Team
krSouth Korea zZerg Min Hwang Doh Hyung SlayerS SlayerS
krSouth Korea tTerran Ryung Kim Dong Won Incredible Miracle Incredible Miracle
krSouth Korea zZerg Fanta Park Sung Joon StarTale StarTale
krSouth Korea pProtoss Eternal Kim Hyun Tae Team SCV Life Team SCV Life
krSouth Korea zZerg Junwi Park Gyung Lak Incredible Miracle Incredible Miracle
krSouth Korea tTerran Lustboy Ham Jang Sik
League of Legends



ID Name New Team
South Korea Cezanne Kim Jung Hwan
South Korea Gerrard Park Oi Sik
Banned by KeSPA

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result
2012-06-03 2012 KSL Team League Season 1 Prime 6 : 0 StarTale
2012-04-08 2012 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 1 Prime 5 : 2 StarTaleQ
2012-03-09 IPL Team Arena Challenge 2 Prime 8 : 7 New Star HoSeo
2012-01-30 2012 KSL Team League - January Prime 6 : 3 New Star HoSeo
2012-01-22 IPL Team Arena Challenge 2 Qualifier 2 Prime 3 : 5 New Star HoSeo
Date Event Result
2011-10-08 2011 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 1 Prime 3 : 5 MVP (team)
Date Event Result
2010-10-16 2010 Brainbox StarCraft II Team Invitational Prime 3 : 0 Team SCV Life


 Global Starcraft II Team League Champions
2011 GSTL Season 1
Preceded By:
MVP (team) MVP
2012 GSTL Season 1
8 April 2012 – 28 July 2012
Prime Prime
2012 GSTL Season 2
Succeeded By:
FXOpen e-Sports FXO
 IPL Team Arena Challenge Champions
Preceded By:
23 January 2012 – 11 August 2012
Prime Prime
Succeeded By:
Incredible Miracle IM

Highlight Videos[edit]




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