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TvZ 4M: The American Way (vs. Zerg)

Terran vs Zerg is a match up in constant flux. The metagame on both sides swings between greed and aggression. The meta has stabilized to a point where a player must be able to pressure a greedy opponent while still being able to defend vs an aggressive one. Regardless of the Terran's choice to open two Command Centers or three, they are forced to scout and react to very specific findings.

One player has found an amazing way to walk this razors edge without having to make blind choices in his games: his name is Polt. We will be taking an in depth look at how Polt accomplishes this and what we can learn from it. Please note, you should have read the guide titled, “4M: A Guide to Modern TvZ” as I will be assuming that the contents found inside of it are common knowledge to anyone reading this article.

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